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At the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Reading, Bournemouth and Harley Street we are often asked how quickly new hair will grow back after cancer hair loss and when can it be cut and styled, or receive a professional hair colour treatment. How will my hair grow after cancer hair loss? Firstly, it’s important


Before you start to lose your hair, you may want to consider finding a hairdresser or hair salon that has experience with ladies going through cancer treatment. At the Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth and Reading, we have years of experience helping ladies through each stage of cancer hair loss. Arrange a consultation We can

Dorset based student Betzy really has a story to tell! At the age of just 16 Betzy was unfortunately diagnosed with Leukaemia by Kings College in London; after intensive Chemotherapy she caught a severe infection and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit – which resulted in a long 18 month long road to recovery.


Here at Simone Thomas of Bournemouth Dorset we see many cases of hair loss in children. Over the next few weeks our blogs will be about hair loss in children and the common conditions associated with it. For children with cancer, hair loss can be important and traumatic and for others, especially very young children,


Radiation therapy also can cause hair loss: Radiation therapy also attacks quickly growing cells in your body, but unlike chemotherapy, it affects only the specific area where treatment is concentrated. If you have radiation to your head, you will be likely to lose the hair on your head. Your hair usually begins growing back after


Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and hairdressers in Bournemouth and Wokingham we understand that covering your head as your hair falls out is a purely personal decision. For many women hair is associated with femininity and health, so they choose to maintain that look by wearing a wig. Others choose hats and scarves.


Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and hairdressers in Bournemouth and Wokingham are hair loss specialists who have helped thousands of men and women deal with their hair loss during their cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment. We hope you find this series of blogs regarding hair loss during chemotherapy treatment useful. Your hair loss generally cannot


Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth and Reading we know that no treatment exists that can guarantee your hair won’t fall out during or after your chemotherapy treatment. Therefore the best way for you to deal with impending hair loss is to plan ahead and focus on making yourself comfortable with your


Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Reading and Bournemouth, we hope you find our series of hair blogs regarding what to expect during your Chemotherapy treatment with regards to your possible hair loss useful and informative. Simone Thomas are hair loss specialists who has helped thousands of people who face hair loss during their