Thanks to everyone who came to the recent Ladies Night at the Westbourne salon. We’ve had such lovely feedback from our Ladies Night at Westbourne – we’re so pleased that so many of you could make it. For those that missed out, Kim and Emma demonstrated some of our newer services, including Kerastraight and Wella

Ladies night at Simone Thomas Hair Salon Bournemouth

During hair-loss consultations, I often recommend my homemade smoothie recipes to clients looking to increase their energy levels and reduce fatigue. These have proven so popular that I’ve now decided to share the recipes with you all. Iron is an extremely important mineral required for healthy blood and immune system, oxygen distribution throughout the body,

Hair Loss Treatment Smoothie

If your stomach turns at the thought of liver, it might be time to change your attitude towards this school dinner classic. Liver contains the highest concentration of Biotin, a complex B vitamin that assists with hair and nail growth. If your stomach turns at the thought of liver, it might be time to change your

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Take skincare seriously but want a natural approach to your beauty regime? You have to try the incredible Arbonne range. From skincare to make-up, Arbonne combines pure, botanical ingredients with scientifically proven formulas that really make a difference. We work with a fantastic Arbonne consultant called Erica who is happy to show clients the range

Arbonne Skin care at Simone Thomas

Our run of success as award winning hairdressers may continue: Simone has been shortlisted for two separate national awards, hosted by two of the industry’s leading publications – including the ‘Vogue’ of the hairdressing world. Simone is a finalist in the Business Thinker category at the Creative Head Most Wanted Awards this September. Widely regarded

British Hairdressing Business Awards Finalist

Think of how much time you would save if you didn’t have to style your hair every day? Think about much damage you could prevent to your hair by not repeatedly using straighteners or your hairdryer? Well dream no more, because Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth and Wokingham are now offering the innovative KeraStraight Ultimate

How Alopecia hair loss can affect you emotionally Losing hair to alopecia can be a devastating process. Whether your hair is slowly thinning or rapidly shredding, either can have a significant psychological impact. You may feel shocked at the sight of your hair in clumps in your hairbrush or the shower drain. Many alopecia sufferers


Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Reading and Bournemouth we see many people suffering with Trichotillomania. Most people play with their hair. You may twirl your hair between your fingers when you watch TV, read, concentrate and also when you are stressed or worried. Usually the habit is harmless, but it can sometimes


Our hair loss specialists at Simone Thomas understand that experiencing hair loss can be devastating and often unexpected. We may try to downplay it as an aesthetic feature but in reality, nobody wants to lose their hair. In the UK alone there are some estimated 8+ million women suffering from hair loss. The Simone Thomas


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Walking into the nearest hairdressers for convenience because we desperately need our hair done or want the latest celebrity hair craze, but not done our research and walked away with the worst hair cut and/or colour job ever! There are many salons out there that will take your money,