If your child is suffering from hair loss, you understand how devastating the effects can be. Many children with hair falling out may also experience psychological and emotional effects. This can include a losing self-confidence. Here our hair loss experts discuss the most common causes for hair loss in children to help you support your

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On the surface, surgical hair transplants may seem like an ideal solution for thinning hair or baldness. But after a little research, you may decide its not for you. Surgical hair transplants can be costly, require multiple sessions and result in some nasty side effects, including inflammation and infection. If you are looking for a

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Whether you are suffering from alopecia, thinning hair or simply want a new look, a human hair wig can be an ideal solution. We understand that if you opt to wear a wig, you want to look natural. Read our top tips for buying human hair wig, indistinguishable from your real hair. Ask the professionals

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It has happened to the best of us. You have the perfect cut and style in mind. This is the style that’s going to give you more confidence and a whole new outcome on life! But then the results are… not quite what you wanted. Here we give our best advice on how to communicate

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Stop the press! Our Simone Thomas hair salons in Bournemouth & Wokingham has been nominated for TWO top awards! We are excited to reveal that our Simone Thomas salons have been nominated for two categories at the prestigious Salon Business Awards. Salon Business is one of hairdressing’s most respected and most-read magazines. The magazine has

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Sometimes the sufferer is not the first to notice the first signs of alopecia. Often a friend, spouse or hairdressers might bring the problem to your attention. Here we list some of the most typical alopecia symptoms you may experience.   What causes alopecia? Alopecia hair loss is caused by an inflammation, commonly thought to


Who doesn’t love a good hair tutorial video? Hair vloggers gives us their best advice and hair inspiration. Our hair experts at the Simone Thomas hair salon in Bournemouth and Wokingham have rounded up some of the best hair vloggers to give you some great new #hairgoals.   Source: Youtube Laura Lattimore – Hairy Escape

Changing your hair colour can make you feel great. Whether you are retouching your highlights, trying balayage for the first time or changing to a bright bold colour, you want your new style to last as long as possible.  Read our top tips from our hair colour experts at the Simone Thomas hair salon in

Personal problems, emotional stress, anxiety. These are tough times in your life and they can be intensified by a particular physical symptom: hair loss. If you have been experiencing hair loss during a stressful time, read on to learn more. Causes of hair loss from stress There are three main stress-related hair loss causes. Trichotillomania


Women with natural afro hair can struggle to find a hair salon. We have heard women with afro-Caribbean hair types sharing their experiences of even being turned away from hair salons! They are told the hairdressers ‘don’t do your kind of hair here’. So why do so few hairdressers in Bournemouth cut afro hair? Many

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