Keratin Smoothing Treatments in Bournemouth, Westbourne & Poole

Smooth Frizzy Hair with Keratin Treatments Bournemouth Simone Thomas Hair Salon Lisse

Enjoy The Hair You've Always Wanted With Lisse Design Keratin Therapy

Are you fed up with your frizzy hair?  Is dry, unmanageable hair is getting you down?  At our Bournemouth hair salon our experienced team are ready and waiting to transform your locks!

 Book a Lisse Design Keratin Therapy treatment and the luxury of perfect shiny and manageable hair can be yours everyday.

Formulated by the Italian hair industry experts AlfaParf Milano, Keratin Therapy will give you the hair you've been dreaming of and help you manage it yourself, whatever your lifestyle.

Whether you want to repair damaged hair, smooth frizzy locks or define and and tame your natural texture, you can enjoy your hair being exactly as you want it to be with Lisse. 

Unleash your hair's true potential. Book a consultation at our Bournemouth salon to find out how Keratin Therapy can transform your hair for the better.  Call us on 01202 760003 or book online using the tab to the right of the screen.  Check out the video below to find out more.

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How Does Keratin Therapy Work?

Keratin Therapy is designed to produce long-lasting smoothing and taming results.  It works on the inside and the outside of each individual hair fibre, to protect and repair whilst boosting the hair's resilience to damage.  Ingredients include:


Keratin and vegetable collagen are used in this innovative complex designed to:

  • Repair damaged hair
  • Protect during the use of hot styling tools,
  • Improves strength and softness. 

The new keratin is heat-activated to form a protective film on the hair, which is essential for protection during the service and styling.


A precious Amazonian oil, known for its emollient and illuminating properties, making the hair shiny, soft and silky.


Glyoxylic acid is a core ingredient of Keratin Therapy.  It will rearrange the hair's internal sulphur bonds, which form its structure.  It stretches them, and rearranges the hair into a smoother shape.  The treatment also includes levulinic acid which amplifies the performance of the glyoxylic acid.  


Developed in the laboratories of Alfaparf Milano, this new and innovative bond technology that works both inside and outside the hair fibre to:
• Repair chemically-treated hair
• Protect the hair from heat, urban pollution and UV stress.
• Restore the hair’s resilience

Keratin Therapy is a safe treatment which complies with the most stringent European and international standards.  

Keratin Treatment Before and After Bournemouth Hair Salon Lisse Design Simone Thomas

What Results Can I Expect From A Lisse Design Keratin Treatment?

Tests on the Lisse Design Technical treatment range have shown:

  • A 75% increase in hair discipline
  • A 75% increase in combability
  • A 25% increase in hair strength
  • Results that last up to 4 months.

Keratin Treatment Before and After Bournemouth Hair Salon Lisse Design

Choose the Right Keratin Treatment For Your Hair

We offer four different Lisse Design Keratin Therapy treatments:

Keratin Smoothing Bournemouth Hairdressers Simone Thomas

Lisse Design Precision Method

The luxury of the perfect smoothness you’ve always dreamt of.  

For women with curly or wavy hair who want it to be perfectly smooth.

Also available as an Express treatment.

Keratin Smoothing Bournemouth Hair Salon Simone Thomas

Lamination Treatment

The luxury of perfect, shiny hair.   Instantly, every day.

For women who have dull and brittle hair, who want immediate results with extreme shine and vitality.

Keratin Treatments for Afro Hair Bournemouth Salon Lisse Design

Easy Lisse Discipline Treatment

The luxury of saying goodbye to frizz to enhance curly hair.

Dedicated to women with curly and very curly hair to enhance its
texture by eliminating the unsightly frizz effect.

Keratin Treatments Bournemouth Hair dressers Simone Thomas Lisse Design

Easy Lisse Discipline Treatment

The luxury of saying goodbye to frizzy hair for easy styling every day.

For women with unruly and rebellious hair who want to get rid of frizz for more manageable hair every day.

Lisse Design Home Care

Keratin Therapy Bournemouth Hair Smoothing Treatments Lisse Design at Simone Thomas Salon 1

For even longer- lasting results from your keratin treatment we recommen the Lisse Design range of home care products including maintenance shampoo, maintenance conditioner, keratin serum, rehydrating mask and oil.   

The products maintain the results of your salon service for up to 4 months.  The contain Kera-Protection Complex of keratin and plant collagen to protect the hair and leave it soft and silky.

Tests have shown that Keratin Serum can result in up to 93% less hair breakage, while The Oil can result in 94% more shine and 66% less split ends.

Book a Lisse Design Keratin Treatment at our Bournemouth Hair Salon

Take back control and get the hair of your dreams with Lisse Design at Simone Thomas Salon Westbourne.  To book a consultation, call us on 01202 760003 or book online using the tab to the right of the screen.  Visit our Instagram page for more examples of our work.

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