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Davines Circle Chronicles Vegan Hair Treatments Bournemouth

It is our philosophy is that to look good on the outside, things have got to be great within.  Our salon and client experience is all about wellness. We look after our people and the planet too.

This is why we’re proud to call ourselves a Davines salon.  Davines' vegan hair care products produce beautiful, outstanding results whilst still being produced both ethically and sustainably.  The Davines’ Circle Chronicles hair treatment range is made using renewable energy, with almost entirely natural ingredients.  The treatments are packaged sustainably, with all CO₂ produced in their creation being offset through reforestation projects. 

The Circle Chronicles range includes seven different hair masks which deliver fast and targeted results.  They cover every hair need from deep nourishment with The Renaissance Circle, to detoxifying power with The Purity Circle.  If you have multiple hair concerns, you can choose a ‘multi-mask’ treatment, creating a bespoke treatment to tackle all of your hair’s needs, from the roots to the lengths and ends.   You could try different combinations for different days and events.

Find out more below, or call our Westbourne salon on 01202 760003.

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Add Shine To Dull Hair - The Spotlight Circle

If your hair is looking lacklustre and dull, then the Spotlight Circle could be the perfect treatment for you.  This treatment can be added to the lengths and ends to towel-dried hair after washing to reduce frizz, boost shine, and increase the vibrancy of your hair’s colour.   Whereas other shine-boosting treatments can sometimes weigh your hair down, the Spotlight Circle leaves your hair feeling light and bouncy.  

Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair - The Renaissance Circle

Do you feel as though your hair is damaged beyond repair?  The Renaissance Circle can breathe new life into seriously compromised hair, restoring strength, softness, and shine.  The yellow clay in this mask is rich in iron and copper to restore the structure of your hair, while babassu butter will leave your hair soft, shiny, and silky.

Protect Your Hair From Pollution - The Purity Circle

Environmental pollution can result in dry hair that is susceptible to breakage.  It can also cause scalp irritation and even hair loss.  Davines’ detoxifying Purity Circle contains natural anti-pollutants and antioxidants which will help protect your hair from traffic fumes and other forms of air pollution.  The Purity Circle works well in conjunction with the Spotlight Circle.  Simply add the Purity Circle to your roots and add the Spotlight Circle to the lengths and ends of your hair to create dazzling hair which is ready to weather even the harshest environments.

Add Volume To Limp, Fine Hair - The Wake-Up Circle 

Keep your hair looking great even in the most stressful situations with the Wake-Up Circle mask.  Frequent stress can cause your hair follicles to enter a ‘resting’ phase which means that you stop producing new hair, causing you to lose volume (you can read our recent article on the effects of the pandemic on hair loss).  Use this relaxing mask to help your hair recover and regain volume after a stressful time in your life or a difficult week at work.  If you are worried about hair loss, visit our hair loss clinic.

Give Your Hair A Relaxing Break - The Let It Go Circle

At Simone Thomas, we understand the connection between great hair and your overall wellbeing.  If you want a treatment to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated whilst leaving your hair and scalp hydrated, try the Let It Go Circle.  It contains orange essential oil for relaxation and brahmi oil to re-hydrate your hair.  The sensory, relaxing scent, coupled with nourishing ingredients has a re-balancing and stress reducing effect.

Anti-Breakage Treatments For Your Hair - The Restless Circle

Frequent use of clips and elastic bands can increase the risk of mechanical breakage to your hair.  To improve its resilience and add elasticity, try the Davines Restless Circle.  For the best results, apply it before washing and leave it for at least 15 minutes to work on the hair.  Then simply wash and dry to experience stronger hair with greater elasticity.  This treatment is invisible, so you can leave it in and give your hair an extra boost while you’re on the go or playing sports.

Fast-Acting Hair Conditioning Treatments - The Quick Fix Circle

If you need a deep conditioning hair treatment which leaves your hair tangle-free with immediate effect, we recommend the Quick Fix Circle.  It's suitable for all hair types and will leave you with beautiful hair which is soft and easy to comb within just 3 minutes!

Davines Spotlight Circle

Book A Davines Hair Treatment At Simone Thomas Hair Salon in Bournemouth

At Simone Thomas, we’re committed to helping you maintain hair that's both healthy and beautiful.  Simply ask one of our stylists and we can recommend a bespoke Davines treatment to suit your hair needs.  Find out more or book an appointment by calling 01202 760003 or by using our online booking system.  Alternatively, you can email westbourne@simonethomas.com.

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