New Hair Growth After Chemotherapy



At Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in  Bournemouth we are often asked how quickly new hair will grow back after cancer hair loss and when can it be cut and styled, or receive a professional hair colour treatment.

How will my hair grow after cancer hair loss?

Firstly, it’s important to note that following a chemotherapy treatment, hair nearly always grows back. It may grow back a different texture, colour and amount or it may grow back the same as it was before.

How quickly will my hair grow?

The growth rate of hair can vary – the average hair is meant to grow about half an inch a month. You may see new hair growth within 2-3 weeks after treatment has finished. Following treatment your body may be run down and depleted of nutrients and this could be why new hair growth is slow. Therefore, good nutrition throughout treatment and post treatment is key. Often the slowest growing areas tend to be around the hairline at the front of the head, nape and the crown area. Once the body is more stable and starting to recover and regenerate the hair growth may speed up.

What can I do with my hair a few months later?

Within two to three months you will find that very short crop styles will start to evolve, and between five and eight months you can wear a short textured style. There is no reason why you cannot continue to wear your wig whilst your hair grows back. Some people find comfort in wearing their wigs until their hair is to a length where they can find a style that suits them.

Will wearing a wig limit my hair growth?

Don’t worry, wearing your wig whilst your new hair is growing will not compromise it – it is perfectly safe to do this. Some people find that within 12-18 months their hair has become much more stable and for the regular growth pattern to return and a more familiar texture returns.

When can I get my first hair cut?

There is no rule as to when you can get your first hair cut once treatment has ceased and your hair starts to grow back. It depends on the condition of your hair and the type of hairstyle you want to achieve. The hair can grow at different rates on different parts of your head so you may want to have a trim on certain areas to bring it all into line.

If you find that your hair is dry and frizzy at the ends it would benefit popping into The Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth for a trim. Dry brittle hair has more chance of splitting so it would be beneficial to get these areas trimmed to avoid breakage further up the hair shaft.

When can I colour my hair?

With regards to colouring your new hair regrowth – there are no rules – if your hair and scalp are healthy and you have done a patch test at least 48 hours prior to a professional hair colour then we say the decision is yours. You can try all over colour, balayage or ombre to add variety and dimension to your hairstyle. The best thing to do is to visit a hairdresser who is experienced in colouring hair after chemotherapy treatment, such as Simone Thomas.

To book in for a free cancer wig consultation or to discuss cut and style or professional hair colour options post cancer hair loss please call The Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and hairdressers in  Bournemouth.


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