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Discover You New Look With An On-Depth Hair Consultation
Available at Simone Thomas Salon in Westbourne, Bournemouth

Are you longing for a new look, but don’t know where to start?  Thinking of trying a new hair colour but not sure if it would suit you, and what’s involved?  We’re here to help. 

Book an in-depth hair consultation with our Westbourne hairdressers and our experienced stylists will assess your hair and give you all the advice you need to choose the perfect new haircut and colour. 

A consultation will take 15 minutes, during which we will ask you a range of questions about what’s been going on with your hair over the last 18 months.  Some of these questions might not seem that important, but our experience shows that small details can have a real effect on the outcome for your hair.   

During your consultation we will analyse your hair and its current condition and assess whether this will impact on how easy it is to achieve your desired new look.  Changing your hair colour can be a journey with many steps, and if necessary, we will recommend the correct products, treatments and services to ensure you get the best possible outcome.   This is all part of the premium hair service which we offer at our Westbourne salon.

We’ve all seen lots of gorgeous before and after hair transformations posted on Instagram and Facebook, but what goes on behind the scenes to achieve these looks?  Would they really work for you?  Our new consultation service is here to provide you with the answers!

Call our Westbourne salon on 01202 760003 or book online.

What To Expect At Your Hair Consultation

Hair Consultations Bournemouth hairdressersDuring your 15-minute session, you will be asked a range of questions about your hair including:

–    Your hair history. (For example, have you coloured your hair at home?  What products have you used on your hair?)

–    Any concerns about your hair.  (For example, is your hair breaking easily? Is it dry and frizzy?  Are you worried about it thinning?)

–    What are your hair goals?  (For example, a restyle or a full-colour change.)

–    What is your available budget to spend on your hair?  We want to be realistic and work within this.

–    How much time do you have daily / weekly to spend on looking after your hair?

During your time in the salon, we will carry out a quick allergy skin test to make sure you will not suffer any reaction to the hair care products we use (this is unlikely but it’s important to check for safety reasons).  

What Will I Find Out At A Consultation?

Beautiful blonde highlights at Simone Thomas hairdressers WestbourneAfter our initial discussion and checks we will recommend:

–    The hair styles and or colours we would recommend for you and the services we can offer to achieve your new look.

–    Any hair rehab required before we can carry out the services and achieve your desired result.

–    How long the overall process will take and how much it will cost.

–    Any home care needed, and recommended products.

–    The final results you can expect.

How Much Does A Hair Consultation Cost?

There is an up-front charge of £25 for an in-depth hair consultation service if you are considering a full restyle or hair colour change.  

Following your consultation, if you want to go ahead with the proposed re-style or colour transformation, this amount will be allocated to your file, and taken off your final bill (or taken off your deposit requirement for hair colour appointments).   Alternatively it can be used towards a home-care package of products if you are advised that you need to repair your hair’s condition before we are able to start on your hair colour journey.

If you decide that you’d rather not go ahead at this time, please note that the consultation fee is non-refundable.

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