Vitamins to Help Hair Growth

IV Vitamin therapy to help with hair loss Simone Thomas Trichology Clinics Dorset

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy for Hair Loss, Simone Thomas Trichology Clinic

At Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic in Bournemouth, our experts have a vast knowledge of the nutrients which can help with hair loss concerns and biotin boosters which strengthen the hair.    We work closely wiht fully qualified Aesthetics Pharmacist and Phlebotomist Shikha, who offers intravenous vitamin infusions to boost hair growth and tackle thinning hair.

There are many vitamins that play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair follicles and helping your hair to grow.  These include vitamins C, the B complex vitamins including Biotin, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Zinc, Folic Acid to name but a few.

Biotin is thought to strengthen keratin, leading to stronger, thicker, and fuller hair. Other vitamins, such as the B complex vitamins, vitamin D, iron and zinc have been proven to slow hair loss and, in some cases, promote the regrowth hair.  Folic acid can also be used to counter hair loss.  

At Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinics in Dorset we work with Shkiha to offer intravenous infusions of these vital vitamins.  Prior to this we will carry out a full consultation and carry out tests to diagnose your type and hair loss.  Via blood tests we are able to detect any deficiencies that you may have in your body and prescribe the most appropriate combination of vitamins to address these and tackle your particular hair loss condition.  Each patient is assessed individually and may need a different blend of vitamins in order to fight hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

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Our highly qualified and experienced team can help with the diagnosis and and offer the most appropriate treatment of your hair loss.  Call Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic on 01202 760003 or alternatively you can book online or request a consultation by completing the form below.



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