Helen’s Hair Loss Story

helen hair loss case study

Hair loss is more common than you think. It can start due to illness, stress, pregnancy, allergies… It can take you by surprise at any stage in your life.

Helen Weller, now 36 years old, started to lose her hair whilst pregnant at 23.

Alopecia hair loss

You have so much to think about and worry about when you are pregnant but hair loss was the last thing I expected to have to deal with, Helen said.

I tried to put it to the back of my mind and just hoped it would grow back. I had so many traumas in my life at the time but I tried to stay strong for my son.

Alopecia hair loss will affect one in three women over their lifetime at some point and it is a condition that isn’t well understood and is still being researched. It baffles the best doctors in the UK. So for the people who suffer from it, it is something that’s very hard to tackle.

For Helen, this was the start of a frustrating search for a solution to her hair loss that took years.

All I could think about was my lack of hair I work in the banking industry and its important to go to work confident and focused. But every time I looked in the mirror, I was distracted and upset.

Like many women, Helen thought hair extensions would help. But the weight of the overloaded hair extensions and the glue from the bonds just made the problem worse. Her thinning hair was damaged further.

Helen tried asking several doctors and dermatologists but nothing worked. She tried several lotions and even looked into steroid injections.

A late alopecia diagnosis

Eventually she was diagnosed with alopecia, and during the next three years, she spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds buying hair pieces on line which stated they were real human hair wigs but in reality when she received them found they were incredibly substandard – there are currently no regulations that stop people advertising hair pieces as real human hair – the percentage of real hair in the wig is often minimal – the rest is synthetic or horse hair!

Finding the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth

But then Helen saw an article in The Bournemouth Echo about a young lady who also had alopecia. She managed to make contact with her and they met for coffee. It was during this meeting that she learnt about the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth.

 I had spent so long searching for a solution, I was willing to try anything. And my friend looked so beautiful in the newspaper happy, glossy and totally gorgeous.

Helen was absolutely delighted with the service she received from Simone Thomas. It was the turning point for her.

Simone is amazing. I like not only the expertise and knowledge she has but also the fact that she gives me so much support and advice. The fact that she suffers from hair loss herself really helps me its hard for some people to understand. Its also obvious to me that Simone is always trying to help more and more people. Shes the best in her field but also a truly warm and wonderful person.

Simone Thomas says: “I really sympathised with Helen. At Simone Thomas, it is essential to us that we work with our clients really closely to find the most perfect system for them and Helen had spent so long looking for a solution, I really wanted to help her find it. But before we do all of that we spend a lot of time with our clients understanding their issues and what theyve been through before they even get to us.   We need to understand the things that have not worked in the past, what other professionals have said, medications used, their pathway through the health system we really need to know everything thats led them to come to us at Simone Thomas!  

We can never underestimate just how stressful hair loss is on our clients the implications of stress, being pregnant, illness, relationship issues, worry and anxiety all of these have a huge impact not only general health but even more so for people already suffering from hair loss. Helen is a lovely person and a wonderful mother, she deserves to look and feel fabulous every single day.

Helen finally commented: Im so grateful to my friend for telling me about Simone Thomas. Im so happy that Ive got great hair and its even better than before!

Alopecia is the general medical term for hair loss. There are many types of hair loss with different symptoms and causes. Hair Loss is estimated to affect around 8 million women in the UK.

Learn more about our range of hair loss treatments, including human hair and synthetic wigs, at the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth.  Book a consultation or get in touch today!

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