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Simone Thomas has been involved with hair loss for over ten years. Over the last five years she has built a business of her own hair salons and dedicated hair loss salons with clients coming from all over the UK and Europe. Simone has built a reputation within the hair loss industry globally for diagnosing and treating various hair and scalp conditions on men, woman and children. Speaking at various events within the industry and appearing in national press and magazines monthly as well as winning over ten awards in the past four years.

Simone and her team understand the effects that hair loss can have on someone, destroying confidence and shunning society, loved ones, family and friends because of shame. Losing your hair or suffering with a scalp condition can affect you as an individual and we will always be highly professional, confidential and provide you with the highest standards of care.

Book your hair salon appointment today by calling 01202 760003 (Bournemouth) or 01189 760003 (Wokingham).

A hair loss consultation with Simone will be 90 minutes to 2 hours, the first hour will include a thorough examination of you scalp and hair along with a detailed health questionnaire which will be sent to you via email prior to your appointment. You will be asked to complete the questionnaire on various topics from family history, health, nutrition, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, medication and other factors which you feel could be a cause. Simone will then advise you based on your history and discussions,  and will follow up if needed with an email on advice and tips.

After your initial meeting with Simone normally 60-90 minutes you will then have an hour long treatment with one of our Hair Loss Directors for a hair and scalp treatment which will include various products for your condition and hair type. The scalp and hair treatment will include a blow dry when required. Further appointments may be needed for ongoing treatment or a three month review with Simone. Pictures will need to be taken during all consultations to keep a record of the pattern of hair loss and scalp so we can compare over the months ahead and chart progress and improvement.


Hair Loss Consultation Prices:

• £180 for hair loss / scalp / scalp skin conditions – 60 – 90 minute initial consultation
• £180 for nutrition / weight management – 60 – 90 minute initial consultation
• Follow up consultation 4 – 6 weeks £75


Asyra Testing

We are now offering our customers the chance to learn more about the root causes of their hair loss with Asyra testing. This innovative bio-energetic testing system evaluates the body’s responses with a wide variety of test signatures. This clever system can detect everything from the meridian points relating to internal organs, toxins, environmental contaminants, nutritional factors, food preferences, emotional patterns and more.

We recommend everyone should have this is done at least once or every 2 – 3 years. This is because our regularly bodies change and environmental factors may have an deep impact on our bodies.

All our Asyra test appointment are conducted by our top trichologist Simone Thomas herself:

• £255 for hair loss / scalp / scalp skin conditions – 60 – 90 minute initial consultation +Asyra testing
• £255 for nutrition / weight management – 60 – 90 minute initial consultation +Asyra testing
• Follow up consultation 4 – 6 weeks £75



To book a consultation at our Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Reading, call us on 01189 760003, or for our Westbourne clinic call us on 01202 760003. For London Harley Street please email and one of our booking consultants will call you back.

Any medications you are on and any products you have been using for your hair and scalp please bring these with you.

* We do advise babies and young children do not attend the appointments *
* Consultation fees are non refundable and if an appointment is missed the consultation fee will be required to be paid again, minimum of 24 hour cancelation is needed *