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Synthetic Wigs

Simone Thomas hair loss clinic provides a range of premium synthetic wigs in Bournemouth, Reading and London for those suffering from a range of hair loss conditions. Synthetic hair wigs are made from a fibre that with years of technological advancements looks just like human hair. Once the synthetic wig has been customised and styled it looks incredibly real and is a great choice for people with short term hair loss.

Book a consultation to discover which synthetic wig is best for your hair loss by calling 01202 760003 (Bournemouth), 01189 760003 (Reading) or 07415 749 813 (London).

What are the benefits of a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs are easy to take care of. You can wash the wig in warm water, condition it (using a recommended conditioner for that wig), and as it dries it will re-form its shape – this makes it very easy to take care of, especially if you are feeling unwell.

It is also the least expensive choice as a good synthetic wig supplied by Simone Thomas hair loss clinic starts from around £100.

Sentoo Premium Synthetic Wig Collection

Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth, London and Reading, are proud to supply the beautiful Sentoo Premium Collection, an exclusive collection of synthetic wigs by top designers with a superior finish. The Sentoo Premium Collection is inspired by the Japanese for excellent, proving that this collection is unequalled in its quality.

The synthetic wig collection is aimed at those of any age who want a comfortable feel good, look good wig; the pieces are made slightly petite to ensure the best fit and are suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

These wigs are of exceptional quality and are all hand-tied with an invisible lace front, monofilament base and a soft velvety feel. Visit the salon to discover what colour and styles of synthetic wigs we have in stock.

Arrange a consultation to find your dream synthetic wig in Bournemouth, Reading and London at our hair loss clinic or learn more about our human hair wigs. Please call one of the hair loss team on 01202 760003 (Bournemouth), 01189 760003 (Reading) or 07415 749 813 (London).