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How to Customise Your Wig

If you have purchased your wig online ensure you take your wig to your hairstylist (not all hair stylists are trained in cutting wigs, ensure your stylist knows what they are doing before taking the scissors to it – as a mistake will not grow back) to have a fringe cut in or the wig trimmed, shaped or thinned out to remove excess bulk.

Wigs tend to come with more hair and volume because everyone has different shaped faces and different sized foreheads. There is room to style the wig to your exacting standards if there is more hair to work with. Very few clients at Simone Thomas  walk out with their wig without some sort of trim or shaping. A custom cut can make a world of difference to a synthetic or human hair wig and how you feel about the wig. Remember you don’t go to the hair salon without getting a trim (unless of course you are only booked in for a blow dry!) Think of your wig like a designer suit. Sure, you can wear it off the rack (or out of the box) and it can look good, but with a little tailoring it can look GREAT!

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