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Hair Care Advice For Older Women

Hair styles for over 50s ideas from Bournemouth Hairdressers

Older women are often bombarded with advice on how to keep our skin looking as fresh and youthful as possible, but what about looking after more mature hair? 

We all expect our hair to turn grey or white as we age, but this is just one of the many changes our locks go through over time.   Others include changes to our hair’s volume and texture and a slowing in the rate of growth.  White or grey hair has a coarser texture and you may fine your hair becomes generally drier and frizzier.   And it’s not only the passing years which have an impact on women’s hair.  Hormonal changes during menopause can have a major effect on your locks, often leading to hair loss as oestrogen levels decrease.

From thinning to dryness and hair loss, the effects of aging are likely to mean you need to make some changes to your regular hair care routine.  One of the most effective ways to give your hair a boost is with a brand new hair cut or restyle.  In this article we look at the many ways older women can make the most of their hair. 

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How To Promote Hair Growth and Strength

Promote Healthy HairWhen it comes to keeping our hair healthy as we age, it’s important to think holistically.   That means that in addition to protecting your individual strands, it’s important to consider scalp care and nutrition.  

Caring for your scalp is essential at all ages for healthy hair growth, but especially important as we age.  The basic steps you need to follow are cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.  Cleanse the scalp and exfoliate to clear away natural oils and product build up by giving yourself a scalp massage.  This should be followed by a thorough cleanse with a gentle shampoo.   To rejuvenate your scalp and promote hair growth you could also consider using a scalp serum.  We recommend Energizing Superactive from Davines, which is a stimulating scalp serum which strengthens fragile hair.  Available from our online shop and at our Westbourne salon.

For optimum hair health, it’s important to keep your scalp’s microbiome as healthy as possible.  The Davines Energizing range contains a microbiotic booster designed to strengthen the skin’s barrier and protect your hair.

Much of your hair’s strength and growth comes from within so a balanced, wholefood diet is super important, especially as we get older.  Foods containing iron, zinc, Omega-3 and Vitamins C and B can all promote healthy hair growth.   We know it can be difficult to ensure you get all the necessary building blocks for health through your diet though, which is why we developed the Simone Thomas Wellness range of supplements.  These expertly formulated supplements are the perfect way to support both hair growth and gut health.  They even include a revolutionary vegan protein powder designed specifically for older women – Pause the Meno

How To Adapt Your Hair Care Routine As You Get Older

DAVINES BLONDE Hair colour bournemouth salonAs we age and our hair becomes drier, it’s important to remember to pay more attention to the mid-lengths and ends.  This can help to stop the strands from looking dull and unhealthy.   We recommend focusing on products which deeply nourish and smooth each strand.  Always protect your hair from heat and if you are using, electrical tools to dry and style your hair, ensure they are good quality and won’t damage your hair.  Speak to your Simone Thomas stylist about the wide range of Davines hair treatments we have available which can keep your hair looking healthy and fabulous over 50. 

Although your hair may feel dry, bear in mind when conditioning it that grey or white hair responds differently.  This is because the lack of colour particles in the cuticle allows the conditioner to penetrate more easily and in higher amounts.  If you have fine or thinning hair avoid using too much heavy conditioner, as build up can weigh your hair down and make it appear even thinner.

Try Olaplex To Repair Hair Damage

Olaplex Treatments BournemouthWe include Olaplex treatments with all our hair colour appointments and can offer this amazing treatment as a standalone service.  Olaplex is designed to restore the hair from the inside out by rebuilding its internal di-sulphide bonds. 

This helps to strengthen the hair and restore it’s bounce and elasticity, which can be lost as we age.  It can also help to repair the results of years of bleaching, sun and heat damage, revitalising your hair and leaving it feeling soft and natural again.

How To Choose The Right Hair Style Over 50

Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair Bournemouth Hair SalonThere are several factors to consider if you’re looking for a flattering new look as you get older.  These include your face shape, your hair’s texture and growth patterns, time available for styling, and your hair’s health.

Most important of all these is the shape of your face, which influences the way a haircut will fall.   Your hair’s texture, growth patterns and overall health will also affect the way that the style grows out naturally after you leave the salon. 

Our expert hairstylists can help you to decide on the right look which will work perfectly for you. 

Click the link to see further tips on hairstyles to make you look younger.

Lighter Hair Colours Can Help You Look Younger

Choosing the right hair colour is vital as we get older as it has a major effect on our appearance.  Generally speaking, lighter colours are more flattering for all skin tones as we age.

If you have brunette hair, you could consider adding some caramel highlights, which can help to warm and soften your facial features for a more youthful appearance. Highlights also add extra dimension to the hair, adding the impression of greater volume.

Opt for warmer hair colours such as golden blondes, rose golds, caramel and honey hues to give your complexion a healthy, younger-looking glow.  Stay away from ashy or cool tones as you get older as these can be harsh and unflattering for the complexion.  Choose something warm and soft instead.

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Short haircuts are a popular choice as we age for a variety of reasons. Regular hair cuts can keep the hair looking healthy and under control, and short hair is much easier to manage.  There are plenty of different styles to choose from, from short blunt hair cuts to long pixie styles and choppy bobs.

Bob-haircuts are a perennial favourite style and are flattering for all age groups.  They don’t have to be sleek – you could choose an effortless, easier to manage look with a layered bob. This is a great style for keeping a bit of length, while adding life to limp hair and creating volume.

Long Haircuts for Women Over 50

There’s no rule that says you need to cut your hair short when you reach the age of 50! There are plenty of older celebrities who prove that long hairstyles can look especially stunning whatever your age.  Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston. 

Hair styles with long loose waves and a side fringe can look young and carefree.  Loose beachy waves are a good way to add texture and the impression of volume to long hair.  A long side fringe also works well if your hair is thinning as it gives the illusion of more volume.  Your stylist can help you work with the natural parting and direction of your hair when adding a fringe.

Long shag hair cuts are an edgy look that’s flattering for everyone.  The added layers will give your hair natural movement, while promoting volume and texture.  Avoid long straight haira which can drag down the face and opt instead for rounded layers that sit at chin level to add shape and texture. 

If you have thin hair, ask your stylist to add blunt ends, which are another way to give the impression of volume.  Pair this with face framing bangs for a flattering look which is also great for concealing any fine lines you’re worried about!

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