Microbiota and Hair Health

Support Your Microbiome to Optimise Hair and Scalp Health
Advice from Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic in Bournemouth

Davines Hair Health Hair Loss Clinic DorsetThe importance of friendly bacteria in all aspects of health is being increasingly understood.   You may have heard about your gut microbiome and the importance of eating a healthy diet, but did you know that microbiota, or the living microorganisms which your body hosts, also live on your skin and scalp and play a crucial role in keeping them healthy?

These good bacteria aren’t harmful to our health, but instead work with our body to keep our vital systems in balance.  The skin’s microbiota acts like an invisible shield, protecting us from the effects of allergens, free-radicals, pollutants and more.   On the scalp, this protection can reduce redness and itchiness and is vital for fragile or sensitive hair.

In the article you can find out how you can boost your microbiota to optimise skin and hair health.  For a personalised consultation, book an appointment at our hair loss clinic in Bournemouth by calling 01202 760003.

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Healthy DietBoost Your Microbiota With Your Diet

The correct diet is key to providing the optimum environment in which friendly bacteria can thrive.  Healthy foodstuffs are known as prebiotics, which provide food for your friendly microorganisms.    

In addition, when we eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables (organic if possible) and essential fatty acids, our bodies can then extract the necessary vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

Simone Thomas Every day Wellness Tablets 2021Try Simone Thomas Everyday Wellness Supplements

We know that when you live a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to ensure your diet is as healthy as it could be for skin and hair health.  This is why we developed the Simone Thomas Everyday Wellness supplements

Everyday Wellness is a vegan-certified super-strength probiotic packed with 6 different types of probiotics to supports the friendly-bacteria and improve gut health.  Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our bodies and help keep vital functions balanced.

Elevating Naturaltech Davines Post Biotic Microbiotic BoosterAdd Postbiotics To Your Hair Care Routine To Soothe Your Scalp

In addition to the help we can give our friendly bacteria through our diet and supplements, we can now directly support the microbiota on our scalp with an innovative new Microbiotic Booster from Davines.   This boosts the natural protective shield created by your microbiota by directly applying protective molecules obtained from bacterial fermentation.  These are the substances produced by friendly bacteria to keep the health of the scalp in balance.

Try Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment, designed specifically for those with a sensitive and dehydrated scalp.  This soothing, leave-in treatment reduces itching and redness and improves the integrity of the skin’s barrier.     

Energizing Naturaltech Davines Hair Loss Treatment Dorset Clinic 1Treat Fragile Hair Prone to Falling Out With A Microbiotic Booster

The Davines Energizing range contains a microbiotic booster designed to strengthen the skin’s barrier, making them particularly suitable for anyone with scalp issues and fragile hair prone to falling out. 

Energizing Super Active is a stimulating serum designed to reduce hair loss and improve the hair’s density for a healthier stronger and toned scalp.

Care For Your Hair and Scalp at Simone Thomas Hair Salon and Hair Loss Clinic in Bournemouth

Whatever your scalp and hair issues, you can be sure of a receiving sympathetic treatment at Simone Thomas 

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