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Correct aftercare is essential to maintain the quality of any human hair wig system for women or men. It is important to not only follow the correct advice, but to also use the correct and recommended products.

Failure to follow the correct aftercare advice could cause damage to the wig and decrease the lifespan.
As the leading hair loss salon, we want your hair to remain

in the best condition as possible so please see below our aftercare advice.

Care Advice for Human Hair Wigs

All Human hair wigs can be set using the following; Hairdryers, Curling Tongs, Hooded Dryers, Ceramic Irons and Heated Rollers. We recommend pump spray hair spray and not aerosol due to the chemicals that can be within such products.

We recommend that you use hair products that are recommended by our team when styling your human hair wig.

Over time human hair wigs will need a toner or colouring service due to the fact they lighten like our own hair would in the sun or after washing your due to the colour fading and also it can wash out. Our wig need colouring service is very popular and one that many clients do a drop of and collect service. Our wig colouring includes colouring, conditioning and styling.

Longer hair wigs should always be brushed from the ends first!

Prior to washing, remove all knots paying particular attention to the nape area.

Fill a hand bowl or sink with tepid water. Wet the wig throughout and then apply the recommended shampoo evenly and gently whilst creating a lather, rinse and then repeat with a second shampoo.

Pat the water out with a towel and then add the conditioner to the ends – do not apply the conditioner to the knots or root area as this can cause the hair to shred.

Once conditioned pat gently using a towel, never rub.

Place the wig on a polyhead or a wig stand and brush through ready for styling or to dry naturally. (Take great care at this stage to avoid running the teeth of a comb or brush through the knotted roots or foundation as the knots will have absorbed water, this expands and becomes looser when wet. This will revert when the hair becomes dry.)

Any type of heated appliance can be used on human hair wigs or systems for the desired style or look you require. We do advise not to go over 180° on the temperature gauge, in an ideal situation 120° will be high enough.

Recommended Products to Keep your Wig in Perfect Condition

Davines Essential Haircare Range, our favourites are DEDE which is a delicate shampoo and conditioner, MOMO Range for any wigs that need to be brought back to life with moisture and the Alchemic Range we love for units that are brown or red in colour as this adds back tone and shine as well as colour.
All of these products can be bought on our online shop here aswell as in the salon.

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