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Simone Thomas Trichology Hair Loss Clinic

Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp.  A trichologist is someone who specialises in hair loss conditions such as alopecia, and can provide hair loss treatments. At Simone Thomas trichologist hair loss clinic, we are not just experienced in hair loss, we are certified experts who can provide the best possible hair loss treatments with proven results!

Simone Thomas Trichologists

Simone Thomas is currently studying trichology and is in her final months to gain a qualification with TrichoCare to become a registered Trichologist. 6 more hair loss specialists at Simone Thomas will also begin the course, with the aim of having 3 certified Trichologists at our Bournemouth hair loss clinic and 5 at our Reading hair loss clinic. Simone Thomas is the appointed Trichologist at Harley Street.

Simone Thomas has over 10 years’ experience in hair loss, with a global reputation for successfully diagnosing and treating various male and female hair loss conditions, including hair loss in children. She has appeared in numerous press and magazines monthly and is the best person to see if you’re suffering from hair loss!

What hair loss conditions do we specialise in?

At the Simone Thomas trichology hair loss clinic, we regularly see and treat the following hair loss conditions:


·         Male pattern baldness ·         Pitriasis
·         Female Pattern baldness ·         Pityriases Amiantacea
·         Diffuse Alopecia ·         Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
·         Alopecia Areata ·         Psoriasis
·         Traction Alopecia ·         Eczema
·         Post-Partum Hair Loss ·         Allergy
·         Folliculitis ·         Fragilitas Crinium
·         Tinea Capitis ·         Trichorrhexis Nodosa
·         Impetigo ·         Hair Breakage
·         Pediculosis Capitis ·         Weathered Cuticle
·         Scabies ·         Singed Hair


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