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Top Products To Care For Your Blonde or Bleached Hair
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Blonde hair never goes out of style, and with Barbiemania hitting social media this summer, that's truer than ever!   Whatever shade of blonde you choose, you will want to keep it looking radiant, healthy and shiny.  As you may have discovered, this can take a lot of care.  That's where we can help at our Bournemouth salon.  We offer a full range of Davines products, specially designed to provide the extra love that all blonde hair, whether natural or treated, needs to glow.  

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Use A Blue Shampoo and Conditioner 

Best Products For Blonde Hair Davines Bournemouth hair salonKey to your blonde hair care routine is the right shampoo and conditioner.  We recommend Davines Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Rich Conditioner.    Both have a unique indigo blue colour, which derives from the natural extract of Jagua fruit.  This is a sustainable, plant based alternative to synthetic pigments.

So why is blue shampoo important for blonde hair?  Using blue tones prevents unwanted warmth and brassy tones from spoiling your cool blonde colour.  The Jagua blue extract also revives the shine of natural blonde hair, which can be lost due to environmental exposure to the sun, chlorine, sea salt and limescale and more.

Heart of Glass shampoo and conditioner provides a delicate chromatic balance for all types of blonde and bleached hair.  It can be used for every single wash and there's no danger of your hair becoming overloaded with the blue tint.

The name Heart of Glass derives from the famous 1980s song, sung by one of the most iconic blondes of all time.  Highlight the beauty and vitality of your own blonde hair by nourishing and protecting it with specialist hair care products.

Reinforcing Extra-Shine Serum For Blonde Hair

Instant Bonding Glow DavinesTo keep your blonde hair looking beautiful, it's crucial that you strengthen the hair fibre and repair any damage.  New Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow is a quick treatment designed to do just that.  It has a light, serum-like texture that instantly reinforces the hair, promoting extra-shine and prolonging the intensity of your blonde.  It contains biacidic bond complex, designed to repair weakened internal bonds, as well as amino concentrate to add radiance. 

We love this fast acting product for its: 

  • Reinforcing action
  • Anti-breakage effect
  • Extraordinary shine - which lasts up to 6 weeks, when use with other Heart of Glass products
  • Long lasting colour protection

It's very easy to apply and is effective immediately.  Simply apply the product to the lengths of your hair immediately after shampooing, combing it to distribute it evenly down the lengths.  You can use it to replace conditioner as part of your regular routine, saving you time.

Nourishing Treatments For Bleached or Lightened Hair

DAVINES BLONDE Hair Bournemouth Hair salonAny hair which has been through a colouring process has faced stress on the internal hair fibre.  At our Westbourne salon we include Olaplex as part of all our hair colour services, to protect and rebuild the hair's internal sulphide bonds.   

We also recommend applying Heart of Glass Intense Treatment to your blonde hair at least weekly to nourish the hair fibre.  If your hair has become particularly dry or damaged, you may need to use a masque once a month.  You could try a Nourishing Hair Building Pak at home, or pop into the salon for a relaxing treatment from the Davines Circle Chronicles.

Blonde Hair Care FAQs

Why do I need to use products for blonde hair?


Whether your hair is naturally blonde or has been bleached or lightened, it will need some TLC to look its best.   Naturally blonde hair can tend to be more affected by environmental factors such as UV rays, chlorine and pollution.

If your hair has been bleached or lightened, it has been subjected to chemical stress which can weaken the hair fibre.  This is especially so if the chemical treatment has been coupled with heat or mechanical stress.

We recommend the Heart of Glass range of products from Davines as they were specifically designed to protect the strength and shine of blonde hair.

How can I stop my blonde hair from turning too warm and brassy?


We recommend using a blue shampoo and conditioner.  Heart of Glass shampoo and conditioner contains a natural blue pigment from the Jagua fruit.  This balances the colour of your blonde hair whilst maintaining its shine.

Can I use blue shampoo at every wash?


Yes, it's fine to use Heart of Glass shampoo and conditioner for every wash.  There's no risk that the pigment will deposit on your hair turning it blue!

Do I need to condition my blonde hair every time I wash it?


This depends on your hair type and condition.  Generally we do recommend conditioning after every wash, but if you have fine hair which is not damaged, and find conditioner can weigh it down, leaving it lank, there are alternatives.  We suggest trying Instant Bonding Glow, which is like a serum, offering conditioning effects and protection without weighing the hair down.

You could also try occasional conditioning treatments the salon.

How can I refresh my blonde between hair colour appointments


Ask your stylist for a Colour Glaze toner to keep your blonde hair looking bright and beautiful.

A Graduated Glaze is a toning service we recommend every 3 to 4 weeks.  We can either Glaze UP to increase the intensity of tone or Glaze DOWN to neutralise unwanted brassiness or warmth.

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