Hair Loss Treatment for Women

A quick internet search will result in dozens of hair loss treatment products and procedures intended to stop hair loss or to encourage hair re-growth. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing whether before and after pictures have been altered or digitally enhanced. Before embarking on anything the best thing to do is seek medical advice from your GP. You may also wish to contact a dermatologist or speak to your local pharmacist.

Laser Devices

A laser device emits a low energy laser light that may stimulate your hair growth to help fight your thinning hair issues. They are available in some clinics and as a hand held device that you can use at home. Laser therapy is best carried out by a hairdresser or a therapist who has the experience and training to use the device properly. It is worth noting that the long term safety and effectiveness of these devices are currently unknown.

Hair Transplants in Women

This procedure involves moving your hair to the areas that are thinning on the scalp from donor sites on the head that have more dense hair. The trouble is, female pattern baldness causes your hair to thin all over, so finding donor sites on your head could be problematic. The exceptions are when women suffer from male pattern baldness or have hair loss caused by scarring. This is an expensive procedure, so thorough research his highly recommended before embarking on this avenue of treatment.

Coping With Thinning Hair

If you are experiencing thinning hair ask your hair stylist for tips. Maybe a re-style, cutting longer hair shorter, a change in colour or a different parting can make a huge difference to the look of your hair. Sometimes a gentle body wave can do wonders in adding volume. They can give you tips on how to blow dry your hair and adding volume at the roots. There are plenty of ladies that visit the hair salon twice a week for a fantastic blow dry. Your stylist will also be able to recommend products that you can add to your roots to enhance volume whilst blow drying. There are also special cosmetics that can be used to camouflage visible areas of the scalp. Keratin fibre hair cosmetics are sprinkled over thinning patches and their static charge helps make hair appear thicker.

Coping With Significant Hair Loss

Adjusting to permanent hair loss is incredibly challenging for women. It knocks your confidence and self esteem. Many of our clients have found they couldn’t leave the house, that their hair loss affected their job and their social life. They could no longer go to the gym or go swimming. If you are feeling very low, please seek help via your GP and counselling. There are so many things that are available to help.

Here at our Hair Loss Clinic in Bournemouth we have a huge stock of synthetic wigs, human hair wigs and custom designed wigs. We also offer a wig cutting service. Wigs have come along immensely over the last few years. They are no longer cheap, tacky and uncomfortable to wear. We have lots of clients who do not have hair loss issues who buy wigs from us because they sometimes want to create a different but temporary look. You will never suffer a bad hair day with a good quality wig!

We also offer the revolutionary Hair Volumizer System which integrates with your own hair. This system will add instantaneous volume and allows you to swim, go to the gym, pretty much do anything and no one will ever know you have it on. Please call or email to book a consultation with one of our hair loss team, where we can assess your hair and offer help and advice regarding your hair loss issues.

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