How To Prevent Colour Fade

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Tips To Prevent Hair Colour Fade
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It's a great feeling when you've just had you hair coloured at the salon and it's looking fresh and fabulous. When your hair colour eventually starts to fade, it can be disappointing - especially if you feel like this is happening fast!

At Simone Thomas Hairdressing Salon in Westbourne, we want you to have that salon-fresh hair colour feeling for as long as possible. That's why our hair colour experts have created this easy guide with the top tips to prevent hair colour from fading!

Often it's thought that there's nothing to be done to prevent hair colour fading, but this is not the case. There are many simple switches and things you can do to keep your hair colour looking glossy and vibrant for longer.

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Be Careful How You Wash Your Hair

How you wash your hair plays a big part in how long your hair colour will last. First of all, you shouldn't wash your hair for at least 24 hours after your hair colouring appointment. This is because the hair colour needs to settle into your hair.

Ideally, you should wait 72 hours before washing your hair after a hair colouring appointment (but we understand this may feel like too long!). The reason for this is because it takes three days for the hair cuticle to reseal itself after the hair colouring process and once this is sealed it traps the colour inside the hair. If you wash your hair before then, you may be washing some of your hair colour away!

You should not over wash your hair either way, as the more you wash your hair the more your hair colour will fade. If you currently wash your hair every day, try washing it every other day!

When you wash your hair, be sure to only focus the shampoo on the roots of your hair as this is where the oil and dirt builds up. Washing the lengths of your hair with shampoo can often strip the colour from the hair.

When it comes to conditioning your hair, focus on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair as this is where the damage tends to be. Putting conditioner on your roots can lead to your hair looking greasy more often, which will result in you washing your hair more often which will lead to your hair colour fading faster!

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Use The Right Products For Colour-Treated Hair

Speaking of shampoo and conditioner, it's important to use the right products for colour-treated hair! You should always check the ingredients for any harsh chemicals. Look for sulphate-free hair products. The best products for colour-treated hair are actually hair products designed for damaged hair. This is because these products work to repair and protect the hair against any damage caused from the hair colouring process. A vitamin C shampoo like the NOUNOU Shampoo is a great place to start.

It's important to condition your hair, as hair colouring can lead your hair to become brittle and dry which will in turn make your hair colour look dull. Hair masks, such as the MINU Hair Mask, are perfect for nourishing and moisturising colour-treated hair to give your hair an illuminating boost.

If you feel that your hair colour has faded and need a top-up, you can refresh your hair colour with a shampoo specifically for your hair colour. For example, remove brassy tones from blonde hair with a purple shampoo. Not sure what products you should be using for your hair colour? Just ask a member of our friendly Simone Thomas team for help and we can recommend the right hair products for you. Check out our online shop for the best hair products!

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Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

It's not only heated styling tools that can cause damage to your hair... The sun can also cause heat damage to hair! UV rays from the sun can break down chemical bonds in the hair which will make your hair dull, brittle and dry. Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat. You can even get SPF specifically for your hair!

Where possible, you should not use heated styling tools such as hair driers, straighteners and curling wands. However, we understand that sometimes you may want to! If you have to use heat styling tools on your hair, always make sure to use heat protection on your hair.

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OLAPLEX Hair Treatments

At Simone Thomas Hairdressing Salon in Bournemouth, we offer the revolutionary OLAPLEX hair treatments and products. OLAPLEX has been a game changer for colour-treated hair as it works to repair and restore compromised and damaged hair. We offer a range of OLAPLEX hair treatments that can be added to your hair colouring appointment to protect and repair your hair during the hair colouring process.

You will notice that your hair colour looks more vibrant, healthy and shiny with an OLAPLEX treatment! We even offer OLAPLEX hair products that you can use at home to keep your hair colour looking and feeling its best long after your hair colouring appointment. Check out the full range of OLAPLEX products and treatments available at our Westbourne hairdressers.

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Book An Appointment At Top Westbourne Hairdressers

The best way to ensure that your hair colour looks incredible is to book a hair colour appointment with the hair colour experts in Bournemouth at Simone Thomas Hairdressing Salon in Westbourne. To book your appointment, please call us on 01202 760003 or book online using the pop-up button at the side of the page.

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