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We know that hair colour terms can be confusing, with the different techniques and changing names, but our expert team are here to help!  We have created this simplified guide where we explain what all the latest hair colouring terms mean so that when you come into the salon, you can feel confident in asking for the look you want.

If you’ve never had your hair coloured, or you’d like further advice we will be very happy to answer all your questions.  Simply book a consultation and we can help you find the right hair colour for you.  Even if you’ve been having your hair coloured for years, it’s still a good idea to find out about new trends and techniques so you can change up your look! 

Start your hair colour journey by booking a complimentary consultation at our Westbourne hairdressers.  Call us on 01202 760003 to book your appointment, or alternatively you can book online using the bar to the right of your screen.

Remember: You must come in for a quick skin test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment to test for any allergies.

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Highlights Bournemouth HairdressersHighlights

Highlights are available with different levels of coverage, depending on your preference and whether this is the first time you’ve had your hair highlighted.  We create highlights using bleach or a colour that is lighter than your base hair colour ,which is painted on in sections that are wrapped in foil, which helps the colour to develop.  The highlighted sections are woven through your hair by your colourist.

Full head of highlights – with this service we will weave foil highlights throughout your hair covering your whole head.

Three-quarter head highlights – will cover the top, sides and crown of your hair.

Half-head of highlights – with this service we will cover the top and sides of your hair with highlights. 

Baby Lights – these are delicate, super-fine blonde highlights which deliver the subtle look and dimensional tones seen on young children’s hair. 

Lowlights Bournemouth hairdressersLow Lights

Low lights are 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural shade.

They work to add dimension and richness to your hair colour, as shown here, where they are used with a root smudge and toner.

Balayage Bournemouth HairdressersBalayage & Ombré

These popular techniques are often confused with each other, but they create very different looks. 

With balayage we create a natural sun-kissed look for your hair.  The technique involves hand-painting highlights throughout your hair, accentuating the areas where the sun would naturally lighten it.  

If you would prefer a more noticeable graduated change of colour throughout your hair, then ask for ombré.  This is an all-over hair colour technique which leaves your hair darker at the roots and lighter towards the ends. 

Colour Melt Bournemouth HairdressersColour Melt Hair Colour

With a colour melting technique, your hair colourist will use multiple colours and overlap them through your hair for a blended effect that looks very natural. 

The aim is for the colours to blend seamlessly into each other.

Hair Colour Contouring Bournemouth HairdressersHair Colour Contouring

Hair colour contouring involves choosing colours specifically to compliment your skin tone and face shape. 

By the clever placement of colour in your hair we can create an impression of texture with light and shade. 

 Face framing highlights are a particularly popular and flattering form of hair colour contouring, sometimes known as the money piece.

Root Smudge Bournemouth Hairdressers Root Smudge / Root Shadow 

This is a fashionable, low maintenance technique which evolved from balayage.  It involves a darker shade being applied directly to the roots for a soft, seamless contrast. 

It’s a good way to freshen up your hair colour giving it added depth and dimension.  It also creates an on-trend lived-in look to blonde hair colour whilst maintaining the brightness of the blonde.

Hair Bleaching Bournemouth HairdressersBleaching

Bleaching your hair requires extreme care and it should only be carried out by professionals to avoid serious damage.  Our colour technicians have the knowledge and skills to lighten your hair whilst maintaining its condition. 

If you want us to bleach your hair to several shades lighter than your current tone, please remember that this will be a journey and you may find that you will require more than one session to reach the colour you are after.  You may also need a toner applied to your hair after bleaching to remove any brassy tones. We will advise you about this at your initial consultation.

Semin permanent fashion hair colour Bournemouth Hair SalonSemi-Permanent Hair Colour

Semi-permanent colour lasts up to eight weeks and fades with each wash. It’s an ideal option if you are new to hair colour, so you can try out a new shade with less commitment.  Semi-permanent hair colour is also great if you like to change up your hair colour regularly, so you can wash it out and simply try something different!

This type of hair colour is also great if you want to try a fashion hair colour such as bright and vibrant red or blue, or pastel shades.  However, it is worth noting that these colours will show up with more intensity on lighter hair than darker hair.

All Over Tint Bournemouth HairdressersWhole Head Tint

With this service we use a single colour all over your head adding an extra layer of semi-permanent pigment to your hair.  It results in a subtle sheen of colour across your hair which has become increasingly popular.   We can create gorgeous shiny hair with a hair glaze, which adds shine or a new tone to your hair  It is great for enhancing darker base shades or neutralising brassiness in blonde hair.

We also offer a full head of permanent hair colour which is a great way to cover white hair.

Olaplex Bournemouth HAirdressersOlaplex

Olaplex is a treatment we include with all our hair colour services.  It protects your hair during the process and builds back the internal bonds that can be damaged during colouring.  The result is longer lasting colour and beautifully shiny coloured hair.


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