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Booking An Appointment At Our Westbourne Hair Salon?  All Your Questions Answered

It can feel rather confusing – and a bit daunting – when booking your hair appointment.   What should you ask for?  What do all the different terms on the service list mean?    In this article we’ve got answers to all the questions you wanted to ask, so you’re all set for a relaxing visit to our Westbourne salon.   

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How Can I Explain To My Hair Stylist What I Want?

A hair appointment at Simone Thomas Salon always starts with a thorough consultation because we believe the best hair is always a collaboration between you and your stylist.  We’re here to ask the right questions, really listen to your requirements and use our expert skills and knowledge to come up with a style that will work perfectly for you.    As well as assessing your hair type, we’ll think about about your lifestyle (how much time do you have to maintain your hair?) your skin tone, budget, personal style and more.

If you have a picture of the style you’d like us to create,that’s great.  Whether it’s a favourite celebrity, magazine image, or perhaps a selfie of a style you’d like to recreate, we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

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What Does Finishing Mean On Your Hair Service List?

When we Finish your hair at your appointment, it basically means we’ll blow dry and style your new cut exactly as you’d like it.   We might use straighteners or tongs and finish off with products to add shine and keep your new style looking fantastic for as long as possible after you leave the salon.    Finishing is really a rather old fashioned phrase that you’ll see on many hair salon service lists.

Can I Just Book A Trim?

When you book a Cut & Finish with us we’re very happy to just trim off any split ends or stop your fringe from hanging over your eyes.   To maintain your hair at it’s best it’s really important to book in for regular appointments and small adjustments to your hair can often make a big difference.  So there’s no need to wait until you need a major chop before booking your appointment!    

Why Do I Need A Patch Test?

Your health and safety is always our top priority at Simone Thomas.  Allergic reactions to hair dye are rare, but they can happen, so it’s important that you follow our guidelines on patch testing.  We only use top quality vegan hair care products from Davines, but to ensure your safety, we may require you to have an allergy patch test no later than 48 hours before your colour service.

Sensitivity to hair colour ingredients can change over time and may be affected by the use of other hair care products or illness.   In light of this, we will be allergy testing all our clients every three months ahead of their hair colour appointments.   It’s a quick and simple procedure and we’ll just need you to pop into the salon to have a small amount of hair colour product dabbed behind your ear.

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Why Do Your Charges Vary Between Different Stylists?

All our stylists are highly skilled and trained, but some have more experience than others.   A service with a stylist who has been working in hairdressing for 10 years or more will be more expensive than with one of our newly qualified New Talents.   You can be assured that all of our stylists will offer you a great service, and it’s most important to find someone who you feel comfortable with and develop a rapport.   We’d recommend booking in for a consultation with one of our team and taking it from there.

Should I Get My Hair Cut Or Hair Colour Done First?

The first step is to book a free consultation with one of our team and we can assess your hair and help you plan your hair colour journey.   We can also give you a patch test there and then, so you’ll be ready to have your colour service and won’t have to pop back to the salon.

We’d recommend booking your cut and colour service for the same day, so we can make sure that your they work together to enhance each other.

Highlights and Balayage Bournemouth

What’s The Difference Between Traditional Highlights and Balayage?

At one time there were just highlights on the services menu, but in recent years names for hair colouring techniques have changed a lot and names like ombre, sombre and balayage have all entered our vocabulary.   It can be difficult to fully understand what all these terms mean so here’s a quick summary:

Traditional highlights are applied using aluminium foil to wrap individual sections of the hair to which the hair colour product has been applied.   The product saturates the hair and the foil keeps in the heat, helping the highlights develop to the right level of brightness and delivering an intense result.   Traditional foil highlights are applied in a structured pattern and offer more pronounced contrast between the lightened strands than balayage.    It’s a great technique to choose if you are looking to add depth and dimension throughout your hair.

By contrast, balayage involves your highlights being hand-painted into sections of your hair.   It offers a natural sun-kissed look as your skilled colourist will apply the highlights to those areas which would naturally be lifted if you’d been on holiday on a sunny beach.   The effect is warm and natural looking, with the colour being applied in super-fine strokes at the top of the hair, gradually getting thicker as it moves down the strands.   

At Simone Thomas we think we offer the best balayage in the Bournemouth area.   You can find out more about our balayage services here.  You can also discover the meaning of ombré & sombré!

How Can I Stop My Hair Looking Frizzy?

We all look at models with gloriously smooth, glossy hair on Instagram, and it’s easy to feel disheartened about our own unruly locks.    We ‘d recommend trying a KeraStraight smoothing treatment, which will infuse your hair with health, leaving it rejuvenated, smoother and easier to manage.   Results last up to 4 months.  Speak to your Simone Thomas Stylist for more advice or find out more here

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