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All You Need To Know About Blonde Hair
Advice from Simone Thomas Hair Salon in Bournemouth

Blonde hair never goes out of fashion, particularly as we head towards the summer months, so if you’re thinking about going blonde, read on!

Creating the perfect hair colour takes skill, knowledge and confidence, so it is always best left in the safe hands of professional hairdressers.  Book a free consultation with the expert hair colour technicians at our Bournemouth hair salon and we can assess your hair and advise you on the shade of blonde which would suit you best.

Hair colouring is a science and we have the training and experience to understand how your hair will react to colour products. We can also recommend the best techniques and colour placement needed to produce your desired result.  The health and condition of your hair is always our top priority

This article answers many of the questions we are often asked about blonde hair transformations.  It also showcases gorgeous blonde looks we’ve created in our salon.  To book an appointment, call us on 01202 760003.

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Will Blonde Hair Suit Me?

DAVINES Honey Blonde Bournemouth salonThere’s a blonde hair colour to suit most skin tones.  You can choose any shade you like, but the following is a quick guide to show you what might suit you best:

Light Skin Tones – choose golden, strawberry or light blonde colours. 
Medium Skin Tones – go for honey or golden blonde. Beige blonde or light blondes with warm tones also work well.
Dark Skin Tones – warmer, darker blondes will work best such as caramels and golden blondes. 

If you’ve seen a blonde colour you love, bring in the image to show to your stylist.  We will aim to turn your idea into reality or advise you of any alternatives that might work better.

DAVINES BLONDE Hair colour bournemouthWhat Are The Most Popular Blonde Hair Colours?

Whatever your personality, age or lifestyle, there is a new blonde look to try!   Some of the popular blonde styles here at Simone Thomas are biscuit blondes, brondes and caramel tones, applied using balayage or highlights.

We also offer platinum ice-white blondes and golden blondes, which are very popular for the summer months.  Rose gold and strawberry blondes have also been fashionable in recent years. 

Why not book a hair colour consultation and we can help find the right shade for your personal style, hair type and skin tone?  With our Davines vegan hair colour range we can create any shade or tone you desire.

What Hair Colour Techniques Do You Offer?

DAVINES BLONDE Bournemouth SalonWe are balayage experts at our Bournemouth salon and this is one of our most popular techniques.  We offer a host of other options though, so talk to your stylist about the look you want and we can then recommend the best approach to achieve it.  These are some examples of techniques you could try…

Root Stretching
Money-piece face framing highlights
Colour Panels
All-Over Hair Colour
Glossing to Enhance Colour & Shine
Colour Melting

How Much Will My Blonde Hair  Cost?

This really depends on your hair’s current condition, length and technique or level of blondness you want to achieve.  Book a consultation and we will give you a no-obligation quote once we have assessed your hair.  Check our price list for all our hair colour pricing options.

Blonde Face Frame Highlights Davines Salon BournemouthCan Brunettes Go Blonde?

Yes, brunettes can certainly transition to blonde.  It’s worth bearing in mind however, that this will take time and effort to achieve and maintain. Book a consultation and we will explain the process, time, the colour that will be achieved and price. 

One option to consider to add blonde to brunette hair is face-framing or money piece highlights.

Will Going Blonde Ruin The Condition Of My Hair? 

DAVINES BLONDE Hair Salon BournemouthBy choosing Simone Thomas salon to carry out your blonde hair transition you can be assured that the condition and integrity of your hair will be our top priority.  We use the very best products on the market to protect and even strengthen your hair during the hair colouring process and we include Olaplex in all of our hair colour processes.

Olaplex is a revolutionary product which protects your hair from damage during the colouring process.   The result is hair that is incredibly shiny, super strong and healthy.  To maintain your hair’s condition after your initial in-salon treatment we can recommend Olaplex products to use at home. 

Are There Any Disadvantages To Going Blonde?

If you opt for a new all-over blonde hair colour, you will need to pop into the salon to have your root regrowth touched up every eight weeks or so. 

Regrowth with highlights is less obvious, and you can have a T-section cover-up every eight weeks or so.  Balayage is an even lower maintenance look and you may not need to have your colour reapplied for even longer. 

 If you want to give your colour a boost between appointments, we can apply toners and colour glaze treatments to your hair.

Davines Heart of Glass Shampoo Bournemouth Hair SalonHow Do I Stop My Blonde Hair Looking Washed Out?

Blonde hair colour is extremely delicate. It can easily lose its shine or become discoloured because of the sun, sea salt, chlorine or other environmental factors. However, with the right products and a complete hair routine it is possible to preserve its colour and vibrancy. 

In-salon treatments are a great way of helping you maintain your blonde colour.  We recommend Davines Heart of Glass Intense Treatment, which is designed to to strengthen and brighten blonde hair.  All the products in the new Heart of Glass range will help to maintain your colour and the condition of your hair.  These are available to purchase at our Bournemouth salon.

Why Should I Use A Blue Shampoo?

You can enhance the beauty of your blonde hair and avoid unwanted brassy tones by using a blue or purple shampoo.  It will also help you get the best from of grey, white or silver hair.

We recommend Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo which contains a natural blue colour.  This gently cleanses and clarifies your blonde hair, balancing yellow tones without over-depositing blue colour. 

Going Blonde Natural Blonde DavinesHow Do I Remove Brassy Tones From My Blonde Hair?

A toner is also a great tool for neutralising unwanted yellow or brassy tones from blonde hair. Just like a purple or blue-toned shampoo, a toner can neutralise the brassy shades, while also adding shine to your hair. 

Speak to your stylist about adding a toner at your next appointment.

Do You Offer Colour Correction Services?

If you’ve tried bleaching your hair at home, or had a hair colour disaster elsewhere, don’t panic!  We can help correct your hair colour and change it back to a beautiful blonde colour you’ll love.  Book a consultation as soon as possible, so we can assess your hair and work on a plan to get it looking healthy and beautiful once again.

How Do I Book My Hair Colour Appointment at Simone Thomas Salon?

Book a hair colour consultation by calling 01202 760003.  Alternatively you can email westbourne@simonethomas.com or book online using the pop up button.

It is important you come in for a simple allergy patch test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment.  Follow us on Instagram to see all our latest blonde hair transformations. 

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