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As the world slows down, we now have some time to reflect. Today I am reflecting on general wellbeing and the supplements I take daily to keep my body well and healthy as well as my families.
“Health really is your wealth” 
With 8 years clinic experience and over 10,000 clients to date I have seen the benefits daily of introducing wellness plans into my clients’ lifestyles as well as my own personal routine and approach.  With a qualification in BioEnergetics, Nutrition and Weight Management I love putting this to practice every single day throughout the clinics I work in as well as my own salon.
We all know that we need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables as well as drink lots of water for optimal health and wellbeing but how many of us can say we are consistent with this on a daily basis? A whopping 80% of us do not consume enough minerals and vitamins on a daily basis and this is why so many of us have underlying health issues. From skin complaints, to hair loss, brittle nails, bloating, gut conditions, fatigue, weight, depression the list is endless. I understand we are all so busy running busy lives that we forget to stop and listen to our own bodies and what they truly need.
If you have ever had a health consultation with me and BioEnergetic testing them, you will know my saying is “you would not put petrol in a diesel car” so why treat your own body this way. Time and time again I see similar patterns with those that come to me and my team for help; stress, unhappy, unbalanced lifestyle, always never enough time to work on myself, no set exercise routine and for some a very poor diet.  This is why I created Simone Thomas Wellness plans and supplements. I wanted my clients to see quick improvements in their health and general wellbeing. The three step wellness programmes save you time and money and you will start feeling incredible within weeks. You only need to look at how many awards we have won already this year 😉 as well as who takes the products:
SkinQuencher – Type 1 Marine Collagen with Vitamin C and 18 Amino Acids

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 Give your immune system a little boost with SkinQuencher, packed full with vitamin C, helping to support your immune system and maintain your health.  The marine collagen helps to develop and repair body tissue, enhancing your exercise performance and recovery time. The marine collagen also works to leave your skin looking vibrant and refreshed as well as feeling plumper and moisturised.
What are the benefits?

–            Improves sagging skin
–            Easily absorbed in the blood stream
–            Promotes and supports natural collagen production in the skin
–            Younger looking skin overall
–            Type 1 collagen constitutes to about 80-90% of the collagen contained in the skin
–            Vitamin C protects against harmful UV rays
–            Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues
–            Boosts the immune system 
–            Prevents hair follicle damage 
–            Helps protect your hair and strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots
To purchase any of our wellness products please visit www.simonethomaswellness.com.

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