Will hair loss from stress grow back?

Personal problems, emotional stress, anxiety. These are tough times in your life and they can be intensified by a particular physical symptom: hair loss. If you have been experiencing hair loss during a stressful time, read on to learn more.


Causes of hair loss from stress

There are three main stress-related hair loss causes.

  1. Trichotillomania – This is when a person compulsively reacts to stress, anxiety or depression by pulling hair out from their own head or body.
  2. Alopecia areata – Stress is considered to cause the immune system to weaken hair follicles. This reaction makes the hair fall out, sometimes in large parts.
  3. Telogen effluvium – This is one of the most common cause of stress-related hair loss. Stress disrupts the hair’s growth cycle and causes more hairs than normal into the resting phase of the cycle.

Hair Loss Treatment

Many suffering from stress-related hair loss worry if the damage is permanent. At our Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth, our qualified trichologists will work with you to diagnose the root cause of your hair loss. In the majority of cases, stress-related hair loss is temporary. Most people find their hair will grow back when their high stress levels have subsided.

However, many hair loss sufferers find the sight of their hair falling out only increases their levels of stress! Luckily, there is a solution. At our Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Reading and Bournemouth, we provide a range of hair loss treatments. Whether you are experiencing full, partial or recurring hair loss, we will give you a personal hair loss consultation to find the best solution for you.

For temporary stress-related hair loss, wigs can be an excellent fix until your natural hair returns. We offer realistic human hair wigs, that can be cut, styled and dyed just like real hair! For thinning hair, we may recommend hair extensions, to volumize the length and thickness of your style. Our innovative integrated lace systems are also a fantastic way to present the appearance of a thick, full head of hair without having to wear a full wig.

If you want to know more about our Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth or hair salon in Wokingham, please call our friendly team today 01202 760003 (Bournemouth) or 01189 760003 (Wokingham) to book your hair loss consultation today.

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