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Transgender Salon

Simone Thomas specialises in sourcing and making high quality hair volumizers, synthetic and human hair wigs to suit the individual needs of our transgender clients. At Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and transgender salon in Bournemouth & Wokingham we can effectively assist clients at any stage of their transgender transition, especially when they are looking for a male or female wig or hair volumizer. Get in touch now to book a consultation.

Book your hair appointment today by calling 01202 760003 (Bournemouth) or 01189 760003 (Wokingham).

Feel beautiful in your hair

With many years of experience in transforming clients with hair loss conditions, Simone Thomas and her team understand the difficulty of not being able to have the hair of your dreams naturally. Please take a look at our case studies page for incredible transgender transformations of clients and friends – Miranda and Debbie.

A safe and sensitive setting

Simone Thomas is a place of sanctuary for clients going through a transgender transition – allow us to transform your hair in a comfortable and sensitive setting and help you on your journey. We are the leading transgender salon in Bournemouth & Wokingham and understand the obstacles the transgender community face when it comes to hair, and we strive to help our transgender clients overcome that completely with our range of high quality transgender wigs, hair volumizers and hairpieces.

Transgender Wigs, Integrated Lace System & Hair Volumizers

We understand that one of the things that will make the biggest impact on your facial transgender transition is a natural looking transgender wig, hair volumizer or hairpiece.

During the initial phases of your transgender transition you may be growing your hair and find that you prefer to wear a wig. We have a vast selection of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, which you can try on in complete privacy with recommendations from our expert team. When you decide on the wig you love we can cut and shape it to suit and enhance your facial features so it looks completely natural.

If you don’t want to wear a wig but are growing out your hair, we can also fit a variety of quality hair extensions to suit your hair type and desired result.

Some of our clients find that once they have grown their hair to the desired length they prefer to use a hair volumizer. These are ideal if you have thinning hair on top or a receding hairline, which prevents you from having the fuller hairstyle desired.

Further information about our transgender wigs, hair volumizers & hairpieces:

  • We can custom design our transgender wigs and volumizers to suit you perfectly.
  • Once fitted, we can style the transgender wig so that it looks exactly as you want for everyday wear.
  • Hair volumizers can be clipped on to your existing hair or alternatively can be beaded on.
  • Integrated Lace System is custom made on the day and attached to your existing hair.
  • Beaded volumizers  and the integrated lace system require maintenance every 8-12 weeks as your own hair grows for adjustment.
  • The advantages of beaded volumizers and the integrated lace system are that you can continue to use the gym or go swimming without the fear of your hair piece falling off – it is a perfect alternative to costly hair implant surgery.