What to ask for at the Hairdressers – The Blonde Edit

So, you’ve chosen your hairstyle and you’ve been looking on Pinterest for the perfect tone of blonde. You feel prepared and ready to make your blonde dreams a reality. Except when you get to the appointment, you’re not sure what to ask for.

Showing pictures is helpful for your hairdresser but knowing the specific tone you’re looking for can help your hairdresser in Bournemouth get it just right. Also, if your hair is any shade between light brown and midnight black, it might take multiple trips to your colourist.

Here at Simone Thomas we’ve put together a guide on what exactly to ask your hairdresser to achieve the perfect blonde shade.


Pearlescent White

Pearly white is an increasingly popular choice for very blonde bases. Pearl maintenance shampoos have been popping up in big health and beauty retailers this year. However, this colour can be difficult to perfect, so it’s best to get it done professionally. Your starting colour to achieve this must already be at a level 7, a medium blonde and then lifted to a level 10 (platinum).

At Simone Thomas we recommend using Olaplex during the bleaching process to minimise damage by strengthening the bonds in your hair. If you’re after a unique pearlescent tone, ask your hairdresser for slightly cool tone with violet base pigments.



Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde is best achieved with balayage or a shadow root. This is a perfect choice if you want to remain a blonde but don’t want too much maintenance. Balayage creates a sparkly contrast between darker and bright blonde tones. Champagne blonde is a great alternative to the sought after “ash” blonde hair, which can make hair look dull. To achieve a champagne tone, request a toner with flattering gold pigments at your hairdressers in Bournemouth.



Honey Blonde

If you’re not after the bold, platinum blonde look, honey blonde is a stunning alternative. This trend is adaptable and lessens the risk of damage to hair, using minimal bleach. Honey blonde can be adapted with natural or warm tones, so be sure to ask for either natural beige or golden honey tones. This blonde is achieved well with a balayage technique or with highlights.



For more information on Simone Thomas’ hairdressers in Bournemouth, or to book a colour consultation, get in touch with an Olaplex Salon UK approved hairdressers Bournemouth.  Looking for more hair inspiration? Read more posts like this on our hair blog.

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