How to get your confidence back after Alopecia

How Alopecia hair loss can affect you emotionally

Losing hair to alopecia can be a devastating process. Whether your hair is slowly thinning or rapidly shredding, either can have a significant psychological impact. You may feel shocked at the sight of your hair in clumps in your hairbrush or the shower drain. Many alopecia sufferers feel ashamed or embarrassed about their hair loss, which can have a negative effect on their work and social life. Although distressing, there are a variety hair loss treatments to help you through the process.

At the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth  we often talk to our clients about how their hair loss impacts their self-esteem. We understand that hair can play a big part of your identity. Read our expert tips on ways to treat your hair loss to help you feel like your confident self again.

Change your hairstyle

If you are experiencing thin hair or partial hair loss, a change of style may be all your need to disguise the problem. Whether it’s simply swapping the side of your parting or adding hair extensions to volumize your hair, we can suggest the best cut and style to cover the loss.

Choose a gorgeous human hair wig


For those with complete baldness, human hair wigs can be a great solution. Our team will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect wig to suit you. We can advise you on the huge variety of colours and styles available. You may want to match your natural hair before the loss or even select a bold new style! A human hair wig is an opportunity for you to wear the hairstyle you have always wanted.

Hair replacement treatments

However, real hair wigs are not a suitable option for everyone. Luckily, hair replacement treatments have greatly improved in the past few years. For those who have moderate to severe hair loss, we recommend the Integrated Lace System. This innovative solution integrates your existing hair with human hair extensions via a comfortable mesh base. The integrated lace system even allows your hair to grow back under the lace.

Talk about it

Stress can often cause certain types of alopecia hair loss to worsen. Adjusting to hair loss can be stressful and talking about the issue with loved ones or trained therapy professionals can help. We encourage all those who are experiencing hair loss to talk to friends and family and welcome their support. Online communities are also available where you can share your experiences with others and learn what helped others feel more confident.

The team at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Dorset can help you find the right treatment for you. We have years of experience specialising in all kinds of hair loss treatments for women and men. If you would like to learn more, please call or book a consultation now.

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