Kellie’s Hair Loss Story


Kellie, a 28 year old mother, was recently featured on Channel 4’s “Body Shockers” where she underwent a stunning transformation to aid her hair loss.

This is her story.

Hair loss from a young age

When Kellie was young, she was lucky to have a long, thick, full head of hair. However, at the age of 15, Kellie started to notice that her hair was thinning. Like lots of other girls of her age, hair was extremely important to Kellie and the fact her hair was now thinning was extremely worrying. As such, Kellie went to see her doctor for help. However, the doctor contributed the hair loss to her age and teenage hormones, effectively telling Kellie to “wait it out”.

Although Kellie waited well beyond her teenage years, her hair continued to get worse. Desperate for answers, Kellie sought out a local dermatologist for advice. The dermatologist prescribed a selection of tablets to try and prevent any more hair loss and promote growth. However, still the drugs seemed to do very little and Kellie continued to struggle daily with her hair loss:

“I was so conscious of my hair loss and trying to cover it up, it became a massive part of my morning routine. I would continually keep coming back to my hair, however, I never left the house feeling satisfied and felt rubbish for the rest of the day.  My hair loss was never far from my mind which had a big effect on my confidence”

At the age of 25, the condition of Kellie’s hair deteriorated even further after giving birth to her son, this made Kellie even more anxious and desperate to find a solution to her hair loss.

Desperate for a hair loss treatment

Eventually, Kellie was referred to a specialist in London who after several tests concluded that Kellie had low iron levels and prescribed her Minoxidil. Due to the flammable nature of Minoxidil, Kellie would have to regularly travel to London to collect the medicine which could not be delivered to her. Desperate for the Minoxidil to work, the amount Kellie spent on train fares alongside the expensive prescriptions quickly racked up. Yet, much to Kellie’s dismay, the sheer amount of money spent on the medication produced very little results and as such she decided to stop taking the medication.

Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth

Yet again, Kellie was left troubled and no nearer to finding a suitable hair loss treatment. That is until she visited a skin care clinic who recommended Kellie book a consultation with Simone Thomas. The clinician explained that Simone Thomas herself had suffered from hair loss and believed that Simone would be able to help Kellie with her own condition. Kellie was hopeful that she may finally find a solution to her hair loss and as such booked in for a hair loss consultation.

Kellie has said about the consultation:

“Meeting Simone was amazing. I had been to loads of consultations for my hair loss but never truly felt that they understood me. That was totally different with Simone, knowing she had suffered from hair loss herself I could instantly relate to her and trusted her. For the first time I felt like I was not the only one with hair loss. We spoke for over an hour and I finally got the answers I had been wanting for 10 years.”

Kellie found that it was likely her hair loss had started when she had worked as an assistant in a salon, where she would frequently change her hair styles, trying different colours every other week and applying a mass of products to her hair. However, when she started to lose her hair, Kellie stopped going to hair salons as she was worried that the hair stylists would ask her questions about her hair and cause her embarrassment. When Kellie visited Simone it was the first time she had visited a salon in years.

Nioxin hair loss treatment

Simone has now helped Kellie to whittle down the long list of products she had been using to try and prevent her hair loss (many of which were actually doing the opposite). Instead Kellie now goes to Simone for a Nioxin microdermabrasion.

Simone Thomas has commented on the treatment:

“After speaking with Kellie about her hair loss we decided that a Nioxin microdermabrasion would be the best course of action to treat her condition. Nioxin is massaged into the scalp and works to rejuvenate the scalp providing a foundation for thicker and fuller hair to grow whilst also helping more hair to grow. The results so far have been fantastic. Kellie has been a pleasure to work with and I am so pleased to have been able to help.”

For Kellie’s transformation on Channel 4, Simone Thomas also provided Kellie with a specialised Hair Volumizer System to help with Kellie’s hair loss in the short term and boost her confidence. As the Nioxin begins to work the Hair Volumizer System will then be modified to attach to Kellie’s new hair as it grows.

The Hair Volumizer System has had an amazing effect on Kellie’s life which she is keen to highlight:

“The system is absolutely amazing and has totally changed my morning routine. I no longer worry about having to cover my hair loss in the mornings as the system does that for me. It makes me feel so much more relaxed for the rest of the day and gives me more important time to spend with my son.”

Kellie is also delighted with the Nioxin treatment Simone has been able to provide her and feels like she has finally “seen the light at the end of the tunnel”:

“I have spent so many years looking for a hair loss treatment which would work for me, so, to find Simone Thomas Salon and the Nioxin treatment is such a relief. The treatment is like a facial for the scalp and feels better than any other treatments I’ve had, plus I am already starting to see results. I can’t thank Simone enough for helping me finally find a solution to my hair loss.”

Find more information on Nioxin and our hair loss treatments at the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth by booking a consultation today.

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