Do hair loss shampoos actually work?

If you’re experiencing hair loss you may be searching for ways to stop, or even reverse, the shedding. It’s important to understand that there are many reasons you may be losing hair, ranging from stress and diet, to underlying medical conditions and genetics.


Here at our Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth, we are familiar with the causes of hair loss and have treated hundreds of people over the years. You may be interested in reading our previous blog article which discusses if hair loss is reversible and the most common causes.

So, do hair loss shampoos work?

Although there are many shampoo brands on the market which claim to stimulate hair growth. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated than just applying a topical product. Most over-the counter hair loss shampoos have had little-to-no scientific testing. Although they may contain ingredients to make hair feel fuller, they cannot reverse hair loss. To treat hair loss, we need to find the reason for your hair loss and create an all-encompassing holistic approach.

Sometimes a change in lifestyle and diet can be all you need to give your hair a boost. Our Simone Thomas Wellness supplements can help improve the health of you hair and scalp. Try our Biotin Wellness Plan with cleansing and detoxifying ingredients to improve your circulation, immune functions and metabolism.


What are my next steps?

It’s important to contact your GP first to discuss your situation and determine any underlying health issues.

However, bear in mind that not all GP’s have a wealth of experience in hair loss issues and conditions. If you would like expert advice and experienced knowledge, book an appointment with a qualified trichology’s. We can provide scalp stimulation and support to help encourage hair growth.

We are always on hand to offer expert hair loss advice, so if you’d like to discuss your hair loss further, please arrange a hair loss consultation with one of our trichologists. We have a nioscope which will allow us to see a magnified image of your scalp and determine if your hair follicles are active.

What happens in a hair loss consultation?

We believe in getting to the root of the cause. This often requires blood tests and a thorough hair and scalp examination. This may sound daunting, but there’s always a reason for hair loss and in order to treat it, we need to determine the cause.

Our qualified trichologists tackle hair loss from both an internal and an external standpoint. We look to manage and improve hair density and/or shedding, stimulate new hair growth and encourage a healthy hair growth cycle through a balanced lifestyle and diet. To see the best results, we take general health, lifestyle, hormonal changes and diet into consideration.

But what if I want quicker results?

If you are feeling unhappy and would like an instant hair transformation, we have a range of non-surgical hair loss treatments, including wigs and hair extensions. If you have moderate to severe hair loss but don’t wish to wear a full wig, we can also create a custom designed integrated lace system to suit you. If you are new to wigs and hair pieces, our team will help guide you, so you feel confident with your choice. We won’t rush or judge you, we want you to leave feeling happy and informed.

Worried about your hair loss? Book an appointment at our Simone Thomas hair loss clinic Bournemouth with either our online contact form or call 01202 760003.

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