Abby’s Hair Loss Story


Discover the hair loss story of Abby, a young woman who experiences undiagnosed hair loss and found the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth:

Abby is a typical 18-year-old girl who loves hair and makeup. She is a student studying full time for her NVQ level 3 in Business and at weekends works part time as a reservations co-ordinator.

She always remembers having thin hair as a child, and at the age of 11 to 14 she started to suffer from hair loss. She went to the doctors and found the experience and advice offered quite poor.

Growing up with hair loss

She had a million questions but no real answers. She started getting bullied at school, which compounded the hair loss and led to more stress. Her eyelashes became quite sparse. She found herself stuck on a hamster wheel of stress because of her lack of hair!

Then at the age of 15, her hair began to suddenly grow back! There was no explanation for this, but Abby didn’t care as her hair was back and it was thicker than it was originally and she felt amazing!

Hair loss treatments 

However, at 16 she began to experience hair loss again and  as she transitioned from school to college it got alarmingly worse. She went back to the doctors and was prescribed steroid cream to apply to her head, but over the following months there was no improvement. She went back to the doctors and was referred to a dermatologist, undergoing various blood tests and a biopsy which showed nothing untoward. She was prescribed Regain which she has been taking for the last 3 months, but at this stage it is too early to see if it will make any difference to her hair loss.


Finding Simone Thomas hair loss clinic

She discovered Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and booked an appointment for a wig so she could feel more confident when she starts to work full time. She admits that outwardly she seems strong, yet inside she was breaking down. People constantly ask her if she has cancer or stare at her hair loss. She feels that her appearance means she gets judged by those who don’t know her. Which, in turn makes her feel very insecure. She wants to be like any typical 18-year-old, full of confidence and to be treated normally. She doesn’t want to worry about a prospective employers’ reaction to her hair loss in interview, she just wants to blend in.

The staff at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic met with Abby and showed her a wide range of wigs that were suitable for her everyday life. During the consultation, they urged her to go back to her doctors and insist on having a hormone test, to check what her stomach pains may be and investigate if the problem could be polycystic ovaries. The hormone test could indicate the root of the hair loss and give her much needed answers and a plan moving forward.


An increase in confidence

Since choosing her wig, Abby’s confidence has already started to improve. She loves her wig, and Simone arranged a photo shoot for her in the salon. It was great to see her brimming with confidence! Abby says, ‘Each day I take little steps, and as they pass those steps become easier to take. My family and my boyfriend have been truly supportive and have been my rocks! Thank you to the team at Simone Thomas Salon, I love my new hair and I can’t stop smiling!’

The team at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic Bournemouth  are experts in hair loss in women and can provide several successful hair loss treatment options. If you are suffering from hair loss and want to improve your confidence, book a consultation with us and our friendly team. Call 01202 760003 to tackle your hair loss condition now.

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