Our Simone Thomas Experiences

Simone Thomas  knows that experiencing hair loss can be devastating and often unexpected. Many of us try to downplay it – but let’s face facts – absolutely nobody wants to lose their hair. Simone Thomas hair loss clinic have helped so many people restore their confidence through a wide variety of methods.

For some hair loss can be the start of depression. Many men and women stop social activities, hide behind hats, avoid having photos taken at social gatherings or even avoid looking in the mirror because they can’t face themselves. Simone Thomas hair loss clinic have seen people alter their entire lifestyle, because they are utterly embarrassed of their receding hairline, growing bald patches or thinning hair density.

We have found that most people start by changing their hair style to accommodate their hair loss or try to cover up the hair loss using existing hair or by using hats. This only leads to eventual embarrassment and frustration when they cannot do simple things like go swimming or visit the gym… Or worse still, some accept that “it is their fate to be bald”, and thus spend their lives unhappily living this way.

Simone Thomas hair loss clinic see men and women everyday across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset who think that there is nothing that can be done regarding their hair loss. This is simply not true, there are now new procedures to return your full hairstyle again. These methods can be undetectable, permanent, and done without any form of surgery. Simone Thomas hair loss clinic can custom design a toupee or wig for you that suits your facial features. They also have the revolutionary PerfecTress Hair Volumiser System which allows you to swim and go to the gym without fear of your hair loss being detected.

Simone Thomas hair loss clinic offers the most effective possible non surgical treatments for all forms of hair loss – from naturally thin hair, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, male and female pattern baldness, hair loss through chemotherapy for Cancer, hormonal hair loss, or hair loss due to drug use, medical treatments or trauma in your life.

Call today to book a private consultation and see how Simone Thomas hair loss clinic can help you!


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