How to Keep Your Wig Secure on Your Head

human-hair-wig-3Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth we are often asked by our clients how to keep a wig secure and to stop them from falling off or blowing off in the wind.  Simone Thomas provides and styles human hair and synthetic wigs, and will give advice and products to keep the wig secure.

Most wigs come with internal straps that help you to tighten it securely to your head. Some clients who suffer from alopecia use wig tape, which we don’t recommend if you have hair growing as this may rip your hair out. We do recommend however that you use wig pins are your best friend if you know how to use them correctly. These pins are different from traditional bobby pins because they are wider and look more like U’s.

Tips to ensure your wig is secure:

1) Braid your hair or make pin curls (if your hair is short) underneath your wigcap. This will give your pins something to hold onto so when you poke them through your wig, they have a grip. Otherwise, they will just slide off as will the rest of your wig. Essentially, you are creating a structure for wig pinning as well as ensuring your wig doesn’t slide off.

2) Wear your wig cap. Any wig cap will do, just make sure it fits snugly around your head.

3) Put on your wig. Position it in the correct place.

4) Put the wig pins in all around your wig. Essentially, you want to poke the pins through the wig and wig cap ensuring you grab some hair underneath. Aim toward the front of your head and it will give more grip. Secure about 20 pins throughout your head: at the hairline, the crown of your head, at the base of the neck, near your ears, and then all over the wig itself.

5) Shake test your wig. Slightly shake your head left to right and hop up and down and if it feels loose anywhere add more wig pins.

Have fun, go dancing and see what you can do with the amazing ability of wig pins!

At Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth we offer non surgical hair loss treatments for men, women and children including human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.  For a hair loss consultation call the salon on 01202 760003 today.

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