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Here at Simone Thomas trichology clinic in Bournemouth, we advise our clients who suffer the distress and anxiety of their hair loss with our wig service.

We see a variety of clients both men and women who are suffering hair loss and we're always delighted when we can restore people's confidence and self-esteem by offering them our caring and professional service. This includes hair replacement in the form of synthetic monofilament wigs, where each hair is tied to the lace cap by hand for a soft natural look, as well as our bespoke custom made human hair wigs, toupees, hair pieces and our revolutionary PerfecTress Hair Volumizer System. 

We know that it can feel challenging to find the right wig if you are losing your hair.   Our wig experts are here to help and reassure you and together we can find you the perfect wig.  Our human hair and synthetic wigs are lightweight and high quality, which will help keep your scalp cool and comfortable, and you can be assured that they will look completely natural.

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Why Choose a Wig From Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic?

The science behind our wigs makes them far superior to others as they have advanced weaving techniques, producing a more natural hair movement.

We care about each of our clients, and you can be sure of a personalised service from our specialists, starting from our initial consultation, where we'll assess the health of your hair and make sure understand the background to our hair loss condition.  You will be able to discuss what wig, hair colour and style that is most suitable for you in complete privacy. 

Our hair loss specialists have been specially trained in the art of cutting and dressing wigs – quite a different skill from a general hairdresser.  

How Do I Choose the Right Wig?

The first step when choosing a wig is to measure your head size.   We can help you do this accurately and make sure we measure the right area.  The tape measure needs to go round your hair line and behind your ears until it meets the other end at the nape of your neck.

After this, you need to choose which type of wig you would prefer.  You can find out more about our range by clicking here and our experts can advise you on what would work best, bearing in mind your personal preferences and budget.

The biggest choice to make when deciding on a wig is choosing between synthetic and real human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are often referred to as monofilament wigs, reflecting the fibre from which they are made. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, which we will discuss with you at your Wig Consultation. Properly cared-for wigs will last a lifetime so it is important to make a choice that you are comfortable with.

What Are The Differences Between Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs?

Weight: Synthetic wigs are often much lighter than real human hair wigs. This can be an important issue if the wig is intended for daily use as synthetic is easier to wear and carry. Many patients are looking for a wig to cover up hair loss that is longer term or permanent. At our wig shop in Dorset, we find these patients do not want a wig that will make them feel uncomfortable and are more likely to choose synthetics. Women who are looking for a wig to wear on a regular basis for style reasons also may prefer synthetic to human hair for the easier wear-ability.

Style: Most synthetic wigs come pre-styled and will hold that style for a long time. Human hair wigs often come un-styled for the user to create their own design. This is mostly because human hair does not hold a style for long-term storage or shipping. It will hold a style as long as your own natural hair normally would. This is great for women who love to style their hair and create new looks with their wigs. Women on the go often choose synthetics because they do not have to bother with constant styling but can simply slip on their wig and be on their way.

Care: While synthetic wigs are much easier to care for overall, the most important thing to remember is never to expose your synthetic wig to heat. Any heat source from blow dryers to heating vents or, of course, open flames will seriously damage the fibres of a synthetic wig, whilst real wigs can be styled using any device normally used on your own hair without damage. Human hair wigs need to be cared for in much the same way as your human hair.

This includes washing and re-styling, whereas most synthetic wigs are of the ‘shake and go’ variety requiring very little maintenance, although longer styles may require light picking or finger combing.

Cost: This can be a real issue for some, but considering the fact that a wig will last for many years, often the lifetime of the user, you should buy the best wig you can afford.

Synthetic wigs often cost less simply because the product is easier to make than one of human hair. A quick search will find bargain-basement prices in the thirty to forty pounds range, but in those cases it is very much a matter of ‘you get what you pay for’. These cheap wigs are designed for one-off use, perhaps for a fancy dress party.

On average you should expect to spend between £200 – £400 for a very good quality synthetic wig; a wig that has been correctly fitted and then styled specifically for you.

A designer wig made with human hair and bought from an exclusive wig specialist might well cost £1,000 or more. A quick Google search gave one specialist quoting “prices from £3,000”, with some wigs more than double that! The best thing to do is do your research.

Book A Wig Consultation at Simone Thomas Wig Shop in Bournemouth

Start your journey to restored confidence and book a consultation with one of our wig specialists.  If it makes you feel more comfortable we are happy for you to bring a friend or family member along for support.

We see a wide range of clients suffering from Alopecia (Totalis, Areat, Universalis, Trichotillomania), Post-Operative Hair Loss or who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment.

For an appointment to discuss your wig requirements, please call one of the hair loss specialists at Simone Thomas wig shop in Bournemouth on 01202 760003 or pop in to see us.

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