What are the causes of hair loss after pregnancy?

Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic we see many women suffering from hair loss after pregnancy so we decided to write a blog about it. Firstly if you are experiencing hair loss, please relax as you are no different than millions of other women all over the world. During pregnancy your hormones wreak havoc and one of the great things about pregnancy is that many women experience thicker hair. This is because the hair does not normally shed during pregnancy so your hair will feel and look thicker than usual because it is. Now, keep reading to find out what causes hair loss after pregnancy, what you can do about it, and how long to expect it to last.

Why Do We Experience Hair Loss After Pregnancy?
At any time, 90% of your hair is growing, and 10% of your hair is in what is known as the resting phase. The drop in hormones as your body returns to normal after delivery will likely cause you to experience hair loss after pregnancy. This hair loss should not be enough to produce any bald spots or create any issues with appearance. Even when not pregnant or post-partum, we lose a lot of hair as a normal part of life. If you experience abnormal hair loss, you may want to consult your doctor. If you lose a lot of hair during pregnancy, this is likely due to a vitamin deficiency. Any hair loss after pregnancy should decrease and return to normal within three to four months, when your body resumes a normal hormone cycle. Remember, the hair you would normally lose during your pregnancy (that your body is holding on to as a result of the hormones) may fall out all at once after pregnancy as the hormones work to return to their normal levels.

hair-falling-outHow to Cope With Hair Loss After Pregnancy?
In the mean time, if you are having trouble coping with any hair loss after pregnancy, keep these things in mind.

  • Eat a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins to promote hair growth and healthy follicles. The high fibre and antioxidants will encourage and promote hair growth.
  • Use a low heat setting when you are using a hair dryer, as this will decrease the damage to your hair. If possible let your hair air-dry.
  • Be gentle when your hair is wet, because this is the most fragile state your hair can be in. Using brushes or combing the hair roughly will promote breakage. Using products such as Moroccan oil on your wet hair before brushing will help decrease any tension and knotting.
  • Wear your hair down, rather than up in a ponytail or any style that pulls on the hair and creates stress and tension on it.
  • Supplement your diet with good vitamins like A, B6, B12, and zinc to promote the health of the hair follicle.
  • Use shampoos and conditions that contain ingredients like biotin and silica to strengthen your hair. Book yourself in for a scalp microdermabrasion – like a facial but for the scalp – use products from the Nioxin range of shampoos and conditioners.

The most important thing to remember is that most cases of hair loss after pregnancy are normal and not to worry about it, as stress can be a contributing factor to hair loss. Enjoy your time with your new baby, eat well, get as much sleep as possible and enjoy being a mother – your hair will return back to normal within the year.

If you’d like a temporary hair loss treatment while you experience hair loss after pregnancy, we can fit human hair extensions, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs in London, Bournemouth and Reading to increase length or volume. To learn more about our experience with hair loss after pregnancy and our various treatments, please get in touch with Simone Thomas hair loss clinics.

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