What are the early signs of alopecia?

Sometimes the sufferer is not the first to notice the first signs of alopecia. Often a friend, spouse or hairdressers might bring the problem to your attention. Here we list some of the most typical alopecia symptoms you may experience.


What causes alopecia?

Alopecia hair loss is caused by an inflammation, commonly thought to be linked to the immune system. Alopecia is not contagious. In some cases, alopecia may be triggered by stress. There are different kinds of scarring alopecia, which is hair loss caused by another condition. If you have any questions about alopecia, contact our expert trichologists at our hair loss clinic in Bournemouth.



Small patches

Alopecia generally begins in one or more small areas on the scalp. These small bald patches are usually just a few centimetres in diameter. The rest of your hair may appear full and healthy. But although the patches are small and few, they can spread quickly. Alopecia can also affect other areas of the face and body, including the eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. If you are looking for a hair loss treatment, we offer a variety of options, including human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, at our hair loss clinic in Dorset.


Tingling Sensation

Many alopecia patients claim that they get a ‘spider-sense’ tingling on the scalp before hair loss. This skin sensation can vary from a little itching to a sharp stinging feeling.


Hair Regrowth

Some people experience quick hair regrowth. However, this regrowth may begin just as another small bald patch is appearing. This can cause a frustrating rotation of hair loss and regrowth across the scalp. Hair extensions and hair volumizers are an excellent option for alopecia sufferers who do not wish to wear a full wig.


Nail Care

Some alopecia suffers experience a change of their nails appearance. Alopecia can cause nails to pit, split or develop a rough or lined appearance.


If you have any question about hair loss and would like some more information, call us at the Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth on 01202 760003 today. We provide in-depth hair loss consultation to help find you the ideal solution for you.

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