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For those starting their transition, entering a hair salon can be an intimidating experience. But for many transgender people, changing their hair is an important step to becoming the person they are inside and out. At our Simone Thomas transgender salon, we help our clients at any stage of their transition. If you are unsure

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Born as David, Debbie, 42, who works for a leading insurance company, has struggled for most of her life to be accepted as a woman. This is her story. At the age of 4 Debbie, realised that she was different when her teacher told her she couldn’t play with dolls as they were toys for


Miranda has lived a truly fascinating life. Born as Roger in London, Miranda had a happy upper class childhood. Typical of the time, Miranda was sent to boarding school and brought up within a large and gregarious family. As Roger, Miranda had a highly conventional education and dressed accordingly to what Miranda describes as being


Gender dysphoria is a very complex condition that can be incredibly difficult to understand and very stressful for the person experiencing it. It is important to distinguish between the meanings of different gender-related terms: Gender Dysphoria – discomfort or distress caused by a mismatch between a person’s gender identity and their biological sex assigned at


The majority of people are happy with their gender and grow up as a boy or girl with no doubts about their gender. However, 1% of people  in the UK feel that they were born in the wrong body, otherwise known as gender dysphoria. What is Gender Dysphoria? This is where a person at any