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Photo credit: Kevin Mazur Deciding to wear a wig can be a difficult choice and you may wonder whether a wig will be uncomfortable or look too ‘fake’. Rest assured, wigs have come a long way from the synthetic itchy costume wigs of the ’90s. Wigs can be worn effortlessly for fashion or to discreetly

Are you a blonde looking for a complete colour change or a brunette looking for a colour refresh? Before you embark on your new colour journey it’s important to do determine which shade of brown to ask for at your hairdressers in Bournemouth.  After all, there are so many brunette shades to choose from. Finding

So, you’ve chosen your hairstyle and you’ve been looking on Pinterest for the perfect tone of blonde. You feel prepared and ready to make your blonde dreams a reality. Except when you get to the appointment, you’re not sure what to ask for. Showing pictures is helpful for your hairdresser but knowing the specific tone

Do you suffer from overly greasy hair? Well you’re not alone. Hot weather, working out and touching your hair too often can all play a part in generating excess oil which can leave your hair looking dull and dirty. Try to avoid the temptation of over washing and follow these simple tips to refresh your


Whether you are in bad haircut purgatory or simply long for longer hair, most women have yearned for the secret to fast growing hair. You may have heard that regular trims can help hair grow, but is this true? Read our hair growing tips from our stylists at the Simone Thomas hairdressers in Bournemouth &


We love the fresh feeling of the new year. It’s exciting to change things up and make positive new steps for self-improvement. If you are wondering how to freshen up your hairstyle, read our top predictions for the best hair trends this year: Androgynous Younger generations are leading the way in breaking down out-dated ideas

There is pretty much an app for everything nowadays. But did you know an app can help you find your prefect hair cut and style? We list our favourite hair care apps for #hairporn, #hairinspiration and more! HairStyle Mirror Thinking about a dramatic new cut but not sure how it will look? Let your

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At our Simone Thomas hairdressers in Wokingham, we love browsing Instagram for hair inspiration. The rainbow hair trend is still going strong and we have a whole list of celebrities to prove it! See below some of our favourites:   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on Jun 7,

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Hair extensions can be a modern-day miracle. Whether you want a long, full style for a special occasion or more voluminous hair every day, hair extensions are a fast and simple way to achieve the style of your dreams. Here we list our favourite reasons why hair extensions, volumizers and pieces are a worthy investment.