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If you’re experiencing hair loss you may be searching for ways to stop, or even reverse, the shedding. It’s important to understand that there are many reasons you may be losing hair, ranging from stress and diet, to underlying medical conditions and genetics. Here at our Simone Thomas hair loss clinics in Bournemouth & Reading,


During hair-loss consultations, I often recommend my homemade smoothie recipes to clients looking to increase their energy levels and reduce fatigue. These have proven so popular that I’ve now decided to share the recipes with you all. Iron is an extremely important mineral required for healthy blood and immune system, oxygen distribution throughout the body,

Hair Loss Treatment Smoothie

For so many of us, the start of a new year sees us embark on a new health, fitness and lifestyle regime. Yet have you ever stopped to think how this may affect your hair? Discover what the latest hair loss news of 2017 is with Simone Thomas: Veganism contributing to hair loss One of