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Meet Pheobe, a young girl experiencing alopecia after an unexpected illness. Discover how she managed to find a hair loss treatment for women at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth: Hair loss is more common than you think. It can start due to illness, stress, pregnancy, allergies… It can take you by surprise at


Discover the hair loss story of Abby, a young woman who experiences undiagnosed hair loss and found the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth: Abby is a typical 18-year-old girl who loves hair and makeup. She is a student studying full time for her NVQ level 3 in Business and at weekends works part


Discover Molly’s hair loss story of alopecia and her journey to recovery with the help of the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth: A hair loss discovery About 3 years ago, 7-year-old Molly, who loves playing with her hair, found a bald area about the size of a 50 pence piece. Claire, Molly’s mum,


Born as David, Debbie, 42, who works for a leading insurance company, has struggled for most of her life to be accepted as a woman. This is her story. At the age of 4 Debbie, realised that she was different when her teacher told her she couldn’t play with dolls as they were toys for


Dorset based student Betzy really has a story to tell! At the age of just 16 Betzy was unfortunately diagnosed with Leukaemia by Kings College in London; after intensive Chemotherapy she caught a severe infection and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit – which resulted in a long 18 month long road to recovery.


Miranda has lived a truly fascinating life. Born as Roger in London, Miranda had a happy upper class childhood. Typical of the time, Miranda was sent to boarding school and brought up within a large and gregarious family. As Roger, Miranda had a highly conventional education and dressed accordingly to what Miranda describes as being


Imagine moving to another country to study and make a better life for yourself and your family – but instead you find yourself stuck inside, crippled by social anxiety? That’s what happened to Mehroz Ashraf. He moved to England from Pakistan via Dubai, but, rather than being able to enjoy student life at Lancaster University,


Kellie, a 28 year old mother, was recently featured on Channel 4’s “Body Shockers” where she underwent a stunning transformation to aid her hair loss. This is her story. Hair loss from a young age When Kellie was young, she was lucky to have a long, thick, full head of hair. However, at the age


Hair loss is more common than you think. It can start due to illness, stress, pregnancy, allergies… It can take you by surprise at any stage in your life. Helen Weller, now 36 years old, started to lose her hair whilst pregnant at 23. Alopecia hair loss “You have so much to think about –


Fabia Cerra struggled with her self-esteem even before hair loss became an issue. Now 41, she sadly tried to commit suicide in her 20s when the breakdown of a relationship left her broken hearted. It was a dramatic night and her hair was badly burnt in the process. “I just couldn’t see a reason to