Christina’s Hair Loss Story

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Bournemouth based Christina has a brave story to tell!

The initial stages of Alopecia

Christina grew up in Bournemouth a happy, confident young girl. However, at the age of 17 whilst having her hair cut she noticed a small bald spot the size of a penny at the back of her head. Though initially concerned, Christina decided this was nothing to worry about and as such shrugged it off. Yet as the weeks passed the bald spot started to get bigger and the condition of Christina’s hair deteriorated, particularly down the right side of her head. Christina would wake up in the mornings to find large clumps of hair laying on her pillow and although she did what she could to fight and cover up the balding, there came a point where she could no longer do anything.

Diagnosis of alopecia hair loss

This lead Christina to visit her local Hospital where she was diagnosed with Alopecia hair loss. After five blood tests doctors were unable to attribute the cause and believed it must have been due to stress. Christina was absolutely distraught, unable to think of anything which had caused her stress she did not understand why this had happened to her.

The severe rate of hair loss forced Christina to eventually shave her entire head. This was incredibly hard for Christina. Afterwards she was unable to look at herself in the mirror and did not leave her house for a week.

Commenting on this stage in her life Christina says: “Hair to a young woman is everything. When I shaved my head for the first time it was severely crippling. I had been an extremely confident person up until that point. When my hair went so did my confidence. I didn’t want to go out or see my friends and I was really concerned about developing long term relationships.”

Building her confidence

However, slowly, over time, thanks to the support of her family and friends, particularly her Mum who Christina describes as “an absolute diamond”, Christina has started to build back her confidence. Yet hair has remained extremely important for Christina, who does not go anywhere without a hair piece on and has only ever been out once without one. Christina says this is because she finds that people in general are very judgemental;

“The one time I went out without a hair piece on, my mum had bought me this really pretty head scarf. I decided to wear it out and we went down the beach together. But when we were out we walked past a couple who stared and made a passing comment about me which I found really hurtful. Ever since I decided it’s just easier to go out with a hair piece on.”

As such hair pieces became a vital part of Christina’s day to day life. However, having been to several places to buy hair pieces Christina found most were clinical and uninterested in her own needs – that is, until her brother Danny told her about hair loss specialists, Simone Thomas.

Finding Simone Thomas hair loss clinic

“Most places I had been to were interested in one thing, my money. However Simone is different. As soon as I walked into the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic, the staff were warm and friendly. They sat down and actually talked with me to find out exactly what I wanted from my wig and let me try on a selection of wigs to find the one most suited to me; something I had always wanted from a Salon.”

Christina was absolutely delighted with the wig she received and the service from Simone Thomas at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth, who has also suffered twice from hair loss.

“It was so refreshing to speak to someone who totally sympathised with my condition. Having suffered from hair loss herself, Simone understood completely where I was coming from and how important hair pieces are for me. Simone made me feel so welcome and special with the time and commitment they dedicated towards not only helping me find the right hair piece but also specifically cutting and working the hair piece to fit to me.”

Simone Thomas says: “Christina is extremely pretty, charming, with a gorgeous smile and an absolute pleasure to work with. At Simone Thomas hair loss clinic, it is essential to us that we work with our clients really closely to find the most perfect system for them and Christina’s open, honest nature made this a delightful process. Knowing how important hair pieces are for Christina, it was extremely important to find a piece that was not only comfortable to wear but was also the right colour and style so that it totally suited Christina’s personality and helped her exude confidence.”

Christina finally commented: “I had never felt so happy in myself leaving a hair salon than after I left Simone Thomas hair loss clinic. It is great to know they are here on your doorstep and I will definitely be back. It has been a long journey to try and regain the confidence I once had and I feel Simone has helped me take those final steps to feeling truly confident again!”

For more information about wigs in Bournemouth including human hair and synthetic wigs, or about our hair loss treatments for women, please get in touch with our hair loss clinic in Reading or Bournemouth.

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