Summer Hair Care Tips

Kerastraight summer at Simone Thomas

Protect Your Hair This Summer at Simone Thomas
Hair Salon in Bournemouth

While we all enjoy the lovely warm weather this summer, our hair might not.  Heat and humidity often leaves our hair dry, frizzy, and damaged.   Intense UV rays from the sun can harm the cuticle, leaving you with dry hair.  Because of this, your hair will try to soak up the moisture from the humid air, making it more frizzy. Not a good look!

These problems can be worrying, but here at Simone Thomas Hairdressers in Bournemouth, we have a variety of ways to help you protect your hair from the sun and restore your locks.

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Firstly, to fight back against dry hair, we recommend using one of our Davines hair masks.  This will deep-condition your hair, locking in moisture and improving its inner strength and structure.  Davines vegan hair products have hair-restoring superpowers, and can protect your hair from all that summer throws at it.  Click here to visit our online shop and purchase your mask today!

Davines summer hair care at Simone Thomas Westbourne hair salonTip #2 – Protect Your Hair From The Sun

We all know we must protect our skin against the sun, but now you can use Davines hair mist, SU Hair Milk to protect your hair from the sun too.  This wonderful product has UV filters, and so shields your hair, protecting it from drying out.  It also ensures that your colour doesn’t fade in the sun, and contains moisturisers which will leave your hair feeling hydrated and soft.

summer hair colour trends 2022 Bournemouth hairdressersTip #3 – Book Regular Appointments At Our Bournemouth Hair Salon

Another way to deal with summer heat is to get your hair cut.  Whether you want to go for the chop and opt for a stylish short look to beat the heat, or simply get your split ends trimmed, a cut can help you and your hair through the summer.  Find out more about this years hottest short hair looks here.

Comb your hairTip #4 – Be Careful When Brushing your Hair

Brushing your hair too roughly can pull out it’s roots and snap fragile summer hair. Instead, use combs – particularly on wet hair, which is extra fragile compared to when it is dry. 

Speak to your Simone Thomas stylist for advice on the best brush or comb for your hair.

Simone Thomas Summer Hair Smoothing Treatments KerastraightTip #5 – Try a KeraStraight Hair Smoothing Treatment

Banish summer frizz with our KeraStraight treatments, available at our Bournemouth Hairdressers.  Unlike blow-drying or straightening your hair smooth, which can cause even more heat damage, the KS Ultimate treatment fortifies and strengthens your hair with protein.  This treatment can make your hair much more manageable, and the effects can last up to four months, meaning you’ll have smooth hair until the autumn.

Call us on 01202 760003 to make your KeraStraight appointment today.


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