Simone Thomas’ 30 Day Challenge…

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Simone Thomas launches 30-day challenge

Join Simone Thomas’ 30 Day Challenge

You may have been seeing lots of social media from me the past week and wondering what the hell I am up to. Well I wanted to keep friends, staff, clients and strangers entertained and as healthy as possible during this time so I decided to put together a 30-day challenge that I would love you all to take part in. Each day will be different and all that is required is a positive outlook, notepad, some colouring pens if you have any and maybe some trainers.

The 30 day challenge is something I do once or twice a year for personal reasons and I make sure every Christmas I put together a vision board that I put together with what I want things to be like for the year ahead, what I want to achieve or things I want to take from an idea to reality. It may be ideas for my personal life, development of my children, business life, friendships or materialistic item. It comes from reading books years ago like ‘The Secret’ to more recently ‘The Miracle Morning’. I buy so many books off Amazon, monthly which keep my brain engaged with new ideas and knowledge. Like the saying “knowledge is power”. 

Within my salon we even have a wellness library which is all self-help and motivational books to do with mindfulness, wellness, anxiety, nutrition and vitamins. Titles such as: The Secret, Happy, The life changing magic of not giving a F**k, The Four Pillar Plan. We have over 50 books in the salon library and these are constantly be added to.

So, for me with a lot of people stuck at home, liking freedom like I do, I would climb the walls if I had to stay at home and do nothing I decided my years of reading and ways of self-learning as well as achieving some incredible goals it was my time to share what I do and fill SM with positivity and daily challenges. .

So this is why I wanted to do the 30-day challenge to give people a focus point over the next few weeks to give them 20 minutes out of the day so they don’t feel like they are stuck in doors. I’m aware not everybody has a garden or a balcony, so I wanted to take their mind off everything that is going on and set a few daily tasks or writing projects.

I’m thinking each day with what is happening that day what the influence for the next days challenge will be. As an example, for one of the challenges it was to give blood, sign up for organ donation and to have a digital detox (this does not apply to Teagan my PA though). The blood donation idea came from the news the other night with the cry for help because of the crisis people aren’t donating blood. Last year I became an organ donor when I changed my driving license and that was something, I wanted to share so was another challenge for that day. Daily there will be writing challenges, exercise challenges, clearing out, donating clothes to charity (when we get passed this), stripping life back as well as inspirational quotes. I will also include tips that I do daily whether it is hair, skin, gut health, minerals, supplements and the effect of food and anxiety.

Already in less than 48 hours we have had 700 people get involved with our #simonethomas30daychallenge and had a huge amount of messages come through saying thank you for the positivity. Already 4 days in I am really positive and grateful for the chance to help so many people. If we are in lock down for more than 30 days, I will keep going with it, but I will ask people to share their ideas too. I plan on the 1st of April on my Wellness platform Simone Thomas Wellness to do daily workouts and smoothie recipes some of these will be live whilst others will be films. Check out: simonethomaswellness on Instagram.

Stay safe and at home.

Love always

Simone xxx

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