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Due to the scalp being covered in hair, many people forget that the skin on your head needs to be looked after too. Often, when choosing hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, there tends to be a focus on the benefits for your hair rather than what it will do to the skin beneath.

Your scalp is susceptible to problems such as itchiness, irritation, and dryness, just like the rest of your skin. This can lead to scalp issues such as dandruff, scabs, and even hair lossScalp sensitivity can also be related to stress, so given the situation we have all been in recently with the pandemic, perhaps it's not surprising that we are seeing more and more people coming to us at our Bournemouth Hair Loss Clinic for help with their sore scalps. 

As well as being more comfortable, a healthy scalp creates the foundation for healthy hair growth. Read on to see our guide to the best scalp care for healthy hair.

Scalp Care Advice Bournemouth Hair Loss Clinic

If you’re suffering from a sore scalp, hair loss or hair thinning, visit our Bournemouth hair loss clinic so that we can professionally assess the condition and recommend the right treatment for you.

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Healthy Scalp Vs Unhealthy Scalp

First, let’s consider what a healthy scalp looks like in comparison with an “unhealthy” scalp, or one that is suffering from scalp problems.

A healthy scalp shouldn’t be itchy or red and should be pain-free. There should be no flakiness, acne or cysts, or extreme hair loss. Whereas, an “unhealthy” scalp may suffer from some, or all of these problems. Other scalp problems can include an odour being given off, a burning sensation, extreme dandruff, or extreme oiliness.

The reason for these issues can range from something as simple as a reaction to the shampoo you’re using, or something more complex like an autoimmune condition. If you’re experiencing hair loss due to these scalp problems and leave it untreated, the hair loss can become permanent.

For those suffering from any of these scalp problems, you should visit a dermatologist or the trichologists at our Dorset hair loss clinic, so that we can assess the condition further.

Scalp Conditions

There are many scalp conditions that you may suffer from. These include:

  • Dandruff which causes excessive flake-growth;
  • Seborrheic dermatitis which is a condition that causes scaly patches and dandruff;
  • Atopic dermatitis which is eczema on your scalp.

If you are unsure whether you suffer from a scalp condition or not, it’s always best to visit your doctor as these conditions can lead to hair breakage, reduced hair shine, and sometimes, hair loss. Certain medications can also cause hair loss, so be sure to ask your doctor about this too if you are concerned about hair thinning.

How To Look After Your Scalp

Scalp Care Advice Top Dorset Trichology Clinic

Your scalp contains around 100,000 hair follicles.  Each follicle produces something called sebum which is an oil that keeps your scalp moisturized and helps protect the skin of your scalp from infection. The skin that grows on your scalp isn’t that different from the rest of your skin – it’s just a little thicker. That means that scalp care is similar to skin care.  

So, just like how you would care for the rest of your skin, you should be ensuring you remove dirt, debris, and oil from your scalp, as well as making sure the skin stays hydrated and moisturized.

At Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic, we recommend you brush your hair before shampooing it, to help dislodge any debris and ensure your scalp is clean. You should also wash your hair gently so that you don’t irritate the scalp skin too much. Also, try to refrain from using heated styling tools on your hair too often as this can damage your scalp as well as your hair.

How To Care For A Dry Scalp

Just like the different skin types (dry, oily, and combination), our scalp skin will have a certain type. If you suffer from a dry scalp then the hair products you use should reflect this.

To find out whether you have a dry scalp or not, consider the skin flakes off or gets irritated because it needs more moisture. If you suffer from dry skin elsewhere on your body, it’s likely you will have a dry scalp as well. Dry scalp skin occurs for many different reasons, such as having a genetic predisposition to dry skin, excessive washing, dry air, or getting older.

Our top tips, from the stylists at our Bournemouth hairdressers, are to use gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp problems. Also, try to shampoo your hair less often and use warm water instead of hot water.  A scalp toner is also great for dealing with a dry scalp as it often contains nourishing moisturizing ingredients.

How To Care For An Oily Scalp

On the opposite end of the spectrum is an oily scalp. If you have an oily scalp this may make your hair look greasy as the oil from your scalp travels down the strands (especially if you have straight hair).

Unlike a dry scalp, those with an oily scalp should shampoo their hair more often. However, stay away from using clarifying shampoos regularly as these can cause more damage than help. At Simone Thomas Salon, we recommend you use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and alternate this with a shampoo that exfoliates the scalp.

The best exfoliators for oily scalps contain sea salt, tea tree oil, or salicylic acid – so keep an eye out for these ingredients in the product description.

Dandruff Treatments Dorset Trichology Clinic

How To Deal With Dandruff

People often think that dandruff is due to a dry scalp… However, dandruff is actually a symptom of an oily scalp! Dandruff is caused by excessive oil production and a yeast-like fungus. Although you may not be able to get rid of your dandruff permanently, there are many solutions to treat mild to moderate cases at home.

Anyone can get dandruff, and it usually appears in puberty until about after the age of 50. Some people may be prone to it, and it is actually more common in women than in men.

To treat your dandruff at home, look for shampoos that have the ingredients: selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or zinc pyrithione. These ingredients target the fungus that causes dandruff, reducing the amount of flake growth on your scalp.

However, this fungus can grow back fast, so make sure to use the dandruff shampoo daily when you are suffering from it, and then weekly after that. Also, do not wash the shampoo out immediately! The dandruff shampoo will need time to activate, so massage it into your scalp for a few minutes for the best results. At Simone Thomas Hair Salon, we recommend you refrain from using hair styling products for the first few weeks when treating your dandruff and this can cause a build-up that will prevent the dandruff shampoo from working.

Davines Calming Scalp Care ProductsThe Best Products For Scalp Care

We are proud to be a Davines salon, which means we offer the best Davines hair care products. When you visit our hair salon or hair loss clinic, we can recommend the products which will work best for your particular scalp concerns.

To get you started on your scalp care journey, the Naturaltech Calming Shampoo is gentle, sulphate and paraben free shampoo with soothing blueberry phytoceuticals. It cleanses gently, it soothes and calms sensitive and sensitised scalp.  For immediate scalp relief, we recommend  Naturaltech Calming Superactive is also an amazing serum to soothe and combat scalp inflammation.  

For more of the best products for scalp and hair care, visit our online shop here.

Practice Self Care To Relieve Stress

It's vital for us all to take some time to look after our own wellbeing, but this is particularly important if you suspect that your scalp problems (or any other health issues) are down to stress.

Take some time to get out into nature at least once a day if you can.  Connect with a friend with a phone call, or even better, in person meeting, or book in for a pampering session at your local salon.

Regular exercise and healthy eating are key to restoring your body's balance and equilibrium.  For advice on how to achieve this, we recommend referring to Simone's book, which has all the tips you need.  Even better, book an appointment with Simone in person and she can advise you on wellness practices and the best supplements to take to restore your skin, hair and overall health.

Get Gorgeous Hair With A Healthy Scalp At Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic and Hairdressers In Dorset

Having beautiful hair begins with your scalp, as a happy and healthy scalp produces happier and healthier hair.  If you’re suffering from scalp problems or are concerned about hair loss, book a consultation at Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic in Bournemouth so that we can assess the issue and suggest the next best steps.

To book, just call us on 01202 760003 or complete the form here.

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