Men’s Lockdown Hair…

It’s no surprise that when we reopened after lockdown, we saw some DIY hair disasters especially with our male clients. Whether it was a hair dye gone wrong or haircuts that were all chunky… we have seen some jaw dropping looks. Thanks to our team of experts it didn’t take long to rectify these DIY hair horrors back to normal.
Now we are in another lockdown we have seen a huge uptake in male bookings for post lockdown… we think the previous lockdown home hair disasters has caused real fear!
We offer high-quality barbering, styling and hair colouring services for gents. Whether you prefer a simple ‘wash and wear’ look, a smart, classic hair cut or an on-trend modern style, we are here to create the perfect mens hairstyle for you.   
Our male cuts and colour are carried out by our highly trained team of experts to enable you to get your perfect look. Whether you want a buzz cut for ease, a quiff, comb over or a fade to showcase your facial features or you want to cover the greys that have appeared from the year 2020, we can help.
When it comes to at home male hair advice, we offer the top of the range products to keep your hair styled to perfection. Our favourite this month is the Davines Pliable Paste as it gives a good matte hold without looking greasy and you can still put your fingers through your hair and move it around. You can buy on our online shop here.
If you suffer with hair loss, we have a range of options that can help. Here at Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinics we are the leading and award winning hair loss experts in the South and have helped thousands of male clients over the last 8 years. As we are currently in lockdown, we cannot see any clients for consultations, but we do recommend all clients start on the Simone Thomas Wellness Ginkgo Hair Loss Plan.
The Ginkgo Hair Loss Plan contains high strength Ginkgo Biloba with vitamin B complex, including Folic Acid and Vitamin B12, which improves blood circulation to the scalp, delivering a supply of essential nutrients to the hair follicles to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Ginkgo Biloba also helps to support healthy circulation and normal brain function. The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan has been carefully formulated with nutrients that are strong enough to stimulate new hair growth, but gentle enough not to cause further hair damage or scalp irritation. Ginkgo biloba is beneficial toward improving hair health because it contains power antioxidants that nourish damaged hair follicles and cells in the scalp. Its antioxidant activity also provides protection from different types of toxins that can further damage the hair. In addition, ginkgo biloba has anti-inflammatory properties that support the healing of an inflamed scalp and weak hair follicles as well as anti-ageing activity that can help target age-related hair loss. Furthermore, taking ginkgo biloba improves the body’s response to stress and anxiety, both of which can lead to or worsen hair loss. Therefore, this powerful botanical should be added to the daily diet to promote optimal hair regrowth. You don’t just get the incredible Ginkgo capsules within the hair care plan but also your Super Greens AND Everyday Wellness capsules in too for ultimate health and wellness! You can purchase yours here.
We are also still offering bioenergetics consultations currently via Skype. Advanced health screening using Bioenergetics monitors and optimises the energetic state of your internal organs.  Bioenergetics screening can pick up on your food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, identify your specific nutritional needs, your hormonal balance, toxins in your body and in turn can tell us what is causing your hair loss. We can then put you on a plan to resolve these internal issues to sort out your hair loss. Bioenergetics can also help with the below:
▪ Hair Loss​
▪ Digestive problems e.g. constipation, bloating, IBS​
▪ Weight problems : overweight or underweight, difficulty losing weight​
▪ Headaches and migraines​
▪ Persistent tiredness and lack of energy​
▪ Joint aches and arthritis​
▪ Cardiovascular illness e.g. high blood pressure​
▪ Mood swings, depression and lack of motivation​
▪ Frequent colds and infections​
▪ Skin problems e.g. acne, eczema, dry flaky skin,​
▪ Thrush and candidiasis​
▪ Endometriosis​
▪ Asthma​
▪ Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)​
▪ Infertility​
▪ Food sensitivities and adverse reactions
To book your bioenergetics consultation please email westbourne@simonethomas.com.
We are now taking bookings for December for our hair loss clinics. In clinic we can offer a variety of treatments including men’s hair volumisers. If you are experiencing hair loss on the top of your head, but don’t want to wear a wig, hair volumisers are ideal. Hair volumisers are a semi-permanent hair pieces that boosts the appearance of your hair. They help create volume, add texture or enhance the colour of your look. Each hair volumiser is made with 100% human hair, to feel soft and move like your real hair. Every hair piece is 100% hand tied and doesn’t require any tape, glue or adhesives. Their soft, flexible silicone base feels comfortable for daily, long-term wear. For an undetectable, seamless hair volumiser, you can request our premium range. These hair pieces are french drawn and double mono top to hide any signs of knotting. This range of hair volumisers are made with 100% Remy hair for a believable, natural look.

We are also specialists in finding, fitting, cutting and styling a range of human hair and synthetic wigs and toupées. Expertly fitted wigs and toupées are an excellent way to disguise hair loss. Whether you’re suffering from hair loss or simply want a different hair colour or style, our male wigs are comfortable to wear and look completely natural. Finding the perfect wig is essential and we will take the time to discuss the different types available and offer advice on colour and styles. We keep a large selection of wigs in stock but can also order others in if you can’t find what you are looking for.
Used to cover partial baldness in men and women, a toupée is a hairpiece or partial wig made of natural or synthetic hair. Toupées are attached to the head using a tape or adhesive but you can be confident that our team have a fantastic reputation due to our ability to style and cut toupées to look 100 per cent natural. Toupees are best suited to men and women with male pattern baldness and you can book in for a consultation here for when we reopen.
PRP is also a great treatment for hair loss PRP or Plasma Rich Platelet treatments are an innovative approach to tackling hair loss which uses your own blood to promote hair growth.  It’s a 3-step medical procedure which is carried out by our fully qualified pharmacist and phlebotomist Shikha.  Shikha has wide experience of administering PRP treatments so you can be assured you are in safe hands. During your PRP treatment, we will take a small amount of blood from your arm and process it within a centrifuge. The processed PRP solution contains a concentration of platelets and growth factors which stimulate and accelerate hair growth. The plasma is then injected into the areas of thinning hair.  PRP promotes hair growth when follicles are present.  It also thickens your existing hair. The procedure takes just over 30 minutes and the treatment will need to be repeated once a month for the next 3 months, then once every 3 to 6 months after that. Patients report seeing a reduction in hair loss within the first few months, and soon after they begin to see an increase in thickness and eventual regrowth.
Give our expert team a call on 01202 760003 on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10am-2pm. Or you can email us at westbourne@simonethomas.com to book your post lockdown haircut, style or hair loss consultation.  

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