Hair Colouring and Hair Loss

Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss? 
Advice From Simone Thomas Trichology Clinic in Westbourne

Here at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic and hairdressers in Bournemouth we see men and women of all ages who are suffering from hair loss. Hair loss can have a wide variety of causes, but one question we are often asked is “could hair colouring be causing my hair to fall out?”     Contrary to what you may have heard online, hair loss being caused by hair dye is a MYTH!   In this article our expert trichologists and hairdressers explain more.

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12509277_520779134766417_7420303803231331257_nHair colouring does not cause hair loss

Hair colouring in itself does not cause hair loss. However, it can cause substantial hair breakage if you don’t look after your hair correctly, which gives the appearance of reduced volume over time.

Hair dye can damage your hair, because it causes protein loss from the hair strands in tiny amounts, which can make the hair appear thinner over time, especially if you lighten your hair colour.

This is why at our Bournemouth hair salon we include an Olaplex treatment with all our hair colour services.  Olaplex offers optimum protection to the hair during the colouring process by strengthening its internal protein bonds.

Reasons for hair loss from colouring – chemical or allergic reactions

The exception to the rule that hair dye does not cause hair loss occurs if you experience a chemical or allergic reaction to a hair dye or burns to your scalp from bleaching or straightening agents. Both chemical and allergic reactions are capable of causing hair loss characterized as traumatic, cosmetic, or in some cases, permanent scarring alopecia.

The best way to help safeguard yourself against chemical burns is to choose an experienced stylist, and to make it known quickly if you ever experience discomfort. In terms of allergic reactions to dyes, it is always advisable to have a patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colour treatment. A reputable hair salon such as The Simone Thomas Salon will always insist you have a patch test before any type of colour treatment.  Our advice is if you go to a new salon and they do not insist on a patch test prior to treatment then run for the hills!

So if it’s not hair dye causing your hair to thin, what other day to day factors can cause hair loss?

Hot rollers and dryers causing hair loss

Davines Vegan Hair Care Bournemouth HairdressersApplying excessive heat to the hair can damage the scalp and cause the hair follicles to weaken. High heat and the time for which it is used on the hair will also impact its structure. While hair loses its elasticity, damage to the cuticle makes it more breakable. Steam forming inside the hair shaft causes hair breakage. It is therefore necessary to limit the amount of heat as well as the length of time you dry your hair.

If you use a blow dryer, use a moderate heat setting and never over dry your hair. Cold hair dryers are the best. It is also advisable to towel dry your hair gently and use a good heat protector such as the Moroccan Oil range or Davines Melu Hair Shield before blow drying.

Hair styling causing hair loss

Avoid tight braids and ponytails as these may cause breakage and tearing of the hair shaft. Though these may look trendy, making tight ponytails every day puts stress on hair follicles and will make the hair prone to breakage.

Dieting and hair loss

Dieting may be popular but definitely not beneficial when it comes to hair health.  Extreme dieting can make your hair root too weak to sustain the pressure of your hair, leading to a form of hair loss called Anagen Effluvium. If you want to lose weight, do so under the qualified supervision of a dietician who can help you with a safe and healthy diet plan.

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If you ever notice worrying changes in your hair – such as hair loss, itchy scalp, and split ends – contact a hair loss specialist at our Bournemouth Trichology Clinic immediately. We can assess your hair and diagnose the cause of your hair loss then offer you treatments to rectify the condition.  Don’t delay – timely help will always achieve the best results, and you can be assured of a sympathetic and understanding service from our experienced team.  

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