Toner… what’s the big deal?

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Toner… what’s the big deal?

With 86% of hair salon clients not knowing what a toner is, we wanted to explain why we think it is the most important part of your hair colouring service.

So, I have looked back into our archive of knowledge and found some great information from hair colour director and head of education at our Westbourne salon, Lauren:  

1. Bleach is not a colour
Bleaching is a tool that we use to take colour, or pigment, out of the hair. The professional term is a ‘pre-lightener’. During this process, you are pulling the pigment from the hair, stripping away the colour but not adding any colour.

2. Toning is when the colour is added
Your final colour comes from the toning process. You can go anywhere with a toner. On blondes, cooler toner makes the colour more silvery and warmer toner makes it more coppery. Toning is the most important part of the colour process.

3. Toner is not just for blondes
Toners are not just used for achieving blonde shades but are also a must for redheads and brunettes. That’s why we offer a £20 toner service in between your colour with us to keep your hair colour in peak condition.

4. Toning doesn’t last – this is why your colour fades
Depending on your hair type, toner can last between 2 – 6 weeks. Previously coloured hair is more porous so will hold colour for less time than natural or ‘virgin’ hair, which can hold colour for up to six weeks. Therefore, regular toners will help keep the colour in your hair. This is one of the reasons why we offer a toner and blow dry service to all our colour clients after a colour service at Simone Thomas Salons to be used within 4 weeks for £20 which includes a toner and blow dry.

At Simone Thomas Hair Salon in Bournemouth, Dorset we use the Davines range of hair care styling products as well as Davines and L’Oréal for colour. We highly recommend two ranges of products from Davines which keep your colour as long and as vibrant as possible. These two super star products are the Minu range for colour treated hair and the Alchemic range for colour maintenance. These products are incredible and a weekly saviour for my own hair. You can buy any of these products on our online shop here.

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