Pheobe’s Hair Loss Story


Meet Pheobe, a young girl experiencing alopecia after an unexpected illness. Discover how she managed to find a hair loss treatment for women at Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth:

Hair loss is more common than you think. It can start due to illness, stress, pregnancy, allergies… It can take you by surprise at any stage in your life. Phoebe, now 14 years old, started to lose her hair at the age of 3 after a month-long hospitalisation for Osteomyelitis– an infection of the bone – which started in her femur.

“You have so much to think about – and worry about – when your child is unwell but hair loss was the last thing I expected,” Rachel, Phoebes mother said. “During her time in the hospital and the three months of outpatient visits the alopecia got worse, but the health visitor put it down to the stress of the illness on Phoebes body and that over time her hair would grow back”.

Undiagnosed hair loss

It’s always tough on children being different, especially when that difference is something that is easily noticeable. At the age of 7 Phoebe started being bullied at school and by the age of 9 experienced extreme hair loss in children. Desperate to help Phoebe, her mum tried everything, from visiting her GP, numerous Dermatologist referrals, acupuncture, steroid creams, shampoos, supplements and Japanese remedies but nothing worked. The bullying ceased in the final year of primary school and much to the relief of her mum, Phoebe’s hair started growing back. However, this new hair growth was to be short lived.

Starting secondary school with hair loss

Phoebe started secondary school and formed a new group of friends, but by the autumn term the bullying and excluding started again. This had a catastrophic effect on Phoebe’s hair and it started falling out again, she tried her best to ignore the bullies and remain confident in herself but it was difficult for her to blend in and not be the focus of cruel comments. She tried to wear a beanie hat to help cover her hair loss but it only made her stand out even more. By the end of the year Phoebe requested a tutor group transfer which helped to keep her away from the bullies.

Finding Simone Thomas hair loss clinic

Her mum was desperate to help Phoebe blend in. They had received two wigs from the NHS over the years which were totally unsuitable for a young girl. It was whilst googling Treatment for Alopecia in Dorset that Rachel came across Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth. Rachel read the case studies on the website of other people that had help with alopecia and immediately made an appointment.

Rachel says, “The whole team were outstanding, so warm and friendly. They looked at Phoebes scalp with a nioscope to see if there were any hair follicles, something not even the Dermatologist had done. They performed a scalp microdermabrasion to clean the scalp and recommended Nioxin products for Phoebe to use. They also put us in touch with The Little Princess Trust and we were able to gain funding towards a custom-made wig for Phoebe!”

Phoebe had to wait for 12 weeks for the custom designed hair piece to be made. As a surprise for her 14th birthday, her mum arranged an appointment with Simone Thomas hair loss clinic for Phoebe to pick up her new hair piece.

Phoebe says “I couldn’t stop smiling; my new hair piece is amazing. I no longer need to wear a beanie hat and look so different. The whole team are fantastic – what a great birthday present!”

This elation was short lived, as a month later at Drama Club a girl cruelly pulled the wig off Phoebes head. The hair piece was secured at various points to her head and it ripped, rendering it unwearable.

Rachel said, “Simone Thomas were fantastic, they immediately sent it off to be repaired and have also arranged to have a second one made for Phoebe as they were so horrified that a child could be so cruel to another. They are funding the second hair piece themselves as they never want Phoebe to be left without hair. They really are an amazing hair loss clinic and they truly care about their clients!”

Simone Thomas says, “Phoebe is a beautiful young lady, on the inside and out, her smile radiates from within. She has been through so much in her short life but there is no bitterness towards the bullies that have plagued her. She is a merit to her family and it was an honour to help her.”

Alopecia will affect one in three females over their lifetime and is a hair loss condition that isn’t well understood and still being researched. It baffles the best doctors in the UK, making it hard to tackle for any suffering.

Hair Loss in women is estimated to affect around 8 million in the UK. If you are one of them and would like to experiment with hair loss treatments, please get in touch with our friendly team at the Simone Thomas hair loss clinic in Bournemouth. Call 01202 760003 to tackle your hair loss condition now.

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